These are the Swedish immigrants who arrived in 1860 and settled in Chautauqua or Warren County.  Each entry includes the reference number used in this database, the name used in this database (which will typically differ from their baptismal name in Sweden), the passenger number, manifest entry including name, age and sex, and references to their immigration.

Immigrants shown in bold type had family members already in the area.

Immigrants arriving 28 July 1860 aboard the barque ANGELA BREMER at Boston departing from Göteborg

Notes: Notes: Passengers were not numbered on this manifest, numbers have been assigned. Transport of about 28 passengers.
Database ReferenceManifest
No.Immigrant NameNo.Passenger NameReferences
1860.001William Peterson2Wilhelm Pettersson25M
Trumpetarebacken, Kölingared Parish, Älvsborgs län. His brother Perry. J. Peterson [1854.001] emigrated six years earlier.


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