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Extending the work of Nils William Olsson Starting this research by finding settlers to our area
in the previous works by Olsson
Jamestown as a Destination (Part 1) The reasons why Swedish immigrants chose to settle in
Chautauqua and Warren Counties
Jamestown as a Destination (Part 2) The arrival of the Beén family in 1844 - the first Swedish
immigrants to settle in the area
Jamestown as a Destination (Part 3) The first Swedish settlement in Warren County in 1848, an introduction to the saga of Swedish immigrants in the
Jamestown area
Swedes in the Civil War An initial survey of the participation of Swedish immigrant from Chautauqua and Warren County in the Civil War
The 1846 Emigrants Kisa, Gustaf Sundius, Peter Cassel and the 1846 emigrants
The passengers of the Virginia and their journey to Buffalo A documentation of the voyage of the Virginia and the trip from New York City to Buffalo
The Buffalo Years (Part 1) The Scandinavians already in Buffalo in 1846
The Buffalo Years (Part 2) The passengers of the Virginia and other Swedes in Buffalo and Erie County, 1846-1848
The First Years of Settlement, 1848-1850 (Part 1) The first years of settlement in Sugar Grove and Jamestown
Religion in the Early Swedish Community Religious practices before the establishment of the Lutheran church
Identifying Anna Maria [Dahl] 1821 Kisa Link. The lives of Anna Maria Pehrsdotter and Samuel Dahl
Population Statistics for the Swedish Community Prior to the Civil War Statistics based on documentation that reconstructs the Swedish community
Swedish American Newspapers/ Svensk-Amerikanska Tidningar now online New online archive of Swedish language American newspapers; especially Vårt Land from Jamestown, 1890-1920
From illegal immigrants to American citizens Legal issues involving citizenship and land ownership for early Swedish immigrants
Identifying John Lawson Disambiguation of the various early Swedish settlers named John Lawson
Memorial Day A recollection of local Swedish casualties in the American Civil War
God jul! Happy holidays and brown beans
Notes on the 1865 New York State Census Charles Johnson, C.C. Beck, Sven B. Newman, and C.O. Hultgren
William H. Storum, Jr. and Elias Sanbury African-American and Swedish-American ties
Danes in Jamestown Bornholm Danes
Religion and the Early Swedes: The First Church Building Architecture of the Sugar Grove church
Migrations Jamestown area as stepping stone to the West, Minnesota and Illinois
Swedes in the Civil War (Part 2) Gold Star families of the Civil War
Religion and the Early Swedes: the Original Jamestown Lutheran Charter B.G.P. Bergenlund and the 17 July 1853 charter, original members
Scandinavian Folk Festival Jamestown Lectures in Jamestown
Andrew J. Lannes (1860-1923) The 1914 history of Swedish Jamestown
Nels John Swanson (1822-1913) and the early Swedish Methodist congregation Swedish Methodism, Jubilee album from 1912
Northern Chautauqua County Swedes - the Burton diaries Swedish communities in Portland, Brocton, Mayville, et al.
Notes about the first Swede to settle in Jamestown, Samuel Sjöstrand Johnson [1849.026] First Swede in village, first Swedish craftsman, leader of Swedish Methodists, and first elected Swede.
Ignoring our Grandparents' Stories Swedish Jamestown and Spanish influenza, 1918-1919
Jamestown during the Civil War: Oil, Railroads and Swedes Figuring out what Olof Wilhelm Stadin and Lars Gustaf Sellstedt had to do with the Swedish Community in our area.
Swedish-American Surnames Swedish surnames in the Jamestown area
The Buffalo Years 1846-1848 (Part 3): Mary C. Bovet The importance of Mary C. Bovet in the settlement of Swedes in the Jamestown area
God Jul (2020) Djursdala and the autobiography of Charles J. Hoflund
Unga Astrid Vimmerby, poverty and Astrid Lindgren's Sweden

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Land ownership and farming

A review of the social classes of the first Swedish settlers

Religion in the Early Swedish Community (Part 2):  Bergenlund and Hamren
Religion in the Early Swedish Community (Part 3):  Bredberg
Religion in the Early Swedish Community (Part 4):  Swensson and the käbblet in Sugar Grove

Encountering Dr. Fredrik Maurits Fincke
What Type of Personality was Frederick J. Johnson?

The family of Germund and Catherine Johnson

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