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No cost access to digitized Swedish records

Riksarkivet Kyrkoarkiv (Swedish National Archive church records)
Black and white images of household registrations, migration, vital records, etc.  The vital records are usually indexed by year (click on panel at left) making searches much quicker.
Riksarkivet Generalmönsterrullor  (Swedish National Archive military records)
Black and white images of muster rolls.  First you’ll need to determine the regiment, company and reference number for the posting of the soldier.  This information often comes from the household registration (check various years) supplemented by wiki information for the parish. For information about the Swedish military system see the web site by Hans Högman.
Riksarkivet Bouppteckningar (Swedish National Archive “probate” records)
Bouppteckning reports were required for a tax that went to support the poor.  These reports are similar to probate records and can provide wonderful details about a family.  Most reports have not been indexed and much fewer have been scanned, but it is worth a try. Arkivdigital.se has photographed a significant part of these accountings and recent indexes that make this resource more accessible and in color (subscription).
Riksarkivet Sveriges befolkning (LDS) National Census
1860-1930, but generally 1880 and later. If you are looking for later emigrants or family left behind.
Swedish Church Household Examination Books, 1880-1930.  If you are looking for later emigrants or family left behind.
The amazing historical newspapers collection of Sweden's National Library. If only the Library of Congress could do the same...
The wider selection available online for research from Sweden's National Archive
SCB maps online search
Extremely detailed maps including parish outlines and church locations from Sweden's Statistiska centralbyrån. Access using Församlingsnamn (Parish name).
FamilySearch WIKI (LDS) parish description
Many of the listings are thorough providing reference information for judicial administration, military, and farm names (heads up - these change through time)
Arkivdigital (Arkivdigital) parish description
You don’t need a current subscription to view the listing of the volumes photographed by Arkivdigital (very useful for combined pastorates when records are located in a different parish) nor for a listing of the specific details for the parish (click on Archive info/Arkivinfo) and it includes a very useful map (Arkivinfo>Visa på karta: or Archive info>Show on map:).

No cost access to Jamestown area newspapers (sorry, nearly all Pennsylvania newspapers are subscription)

Vårt land (MNHS) Jamestown’s Swedish language newspaper
1890-1920. Part of the Minnesota Historical Society’s Swedish American Newspaper digital collection that was scanned by the Swedish National Library (Kungliga biblioteket) from their newspaper collection.
Jamestown Journal (NYS) and
1882-1941; NYS digital collection only 1882-1891. Obituaries slowly emerged as an important component of this newspaper.  
Brocton Mirror (Fulton)
Fredonia Censor (Fulton)
1868-1873; Petroleum Centre was a boom town located near Oil City. Many Swedes were involved in the first oil boom.
Useful, but limited collection
Fultonsearch.org (Fulton)
Improved access using fultonsearch.org of the microfilms scanned by Fultonhistory.com

No cost access to digitized census

Q: Years in same Location
Q: Number of times married; military service
Q: Parents’ birthplace
Often the starting point for identifying the year of immigration; Q: month of birth
Not available
Q: immigration year
Enter site by first entering zip code in this NYS access page and then select census year  (Jamestown = 14701)
Enter site by first entering zip code in this NYS access page and then select census year (Jamestown = 14701)
Q: Location in 1935

No cost access to cemetery records

Lake View Cemetery (NYS) Jamestown's principal cemetery
This is a very cumbersome search tool for an index to this cemetery.  1) unselect All collections, 2) click Show All, 3) select CCLS - Lake View Cemetery and then drop to the bottom of the page and click Save, 4) select Deceased Name from drop-down menu of Enter Search Term, and 5) enter a name.
Digitized microfilm including indexes and death certificates until 1921.  Searchable indexes for several periods.
Sometimes useful source, always remain skeptical.

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