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This tangent note from the my research identifies the most significant artifacts describing the early history of Swedes in Warren and Chautauqua County.

Manifest of the Virgina  (5 August 1846)

Location: United States National Archives and Records Administration, Philadelphia storage.
Condition: fair, archived in controlled environment. 
Photograph: John Everett Jones
Significance: Arrival of the group that would become the first settlers in Sugar Grove, Warren County, Pennsylvania
Buffalo Orphan Asylum, Register, Volume 1 (1846)

Location: Buffalo History Museum.
Condition: very good, archived in controlled environment. 
Photograph: Buffalo History Museum
Significance: Placement of Louisa Johnson with the family of Thomas Struthers

Olaf G. Hedstrom, Ministerial Book

Location: Swedish Methodist collection, The United Methodist Church, General Commission on Archives and History archives, Drew University, Madison, NJ
Condition: Good, archived in controlled environment
Photograph: Drew University
Significance: Record of the first Swedish religious ceremonies in area. The author was O.G. Hedstrom whose work at the Bethel Ship in New York City welcomed decades of arriving immigrants.
Sugar Grove Lutheran  Church, Kyrkobok,  No.1 (1856)

Location: Jamestown First Lutheran Church archives.
Condition: not assessed 
Image:  Hessel Valley Lutheran Church, b&w microfilm, Setterdahl 1971.
Significance: Original membership list of the second congregation organized by Swedish settlers in the area (Lutheran). The author was Jonas Swensson who later became president of the Swedish-American Augustana Evangelical Lutheran Church.
Facsimile of contract between Robert Falconer Sr.
 and Germund and Catherine Johnson

Original not located, last seen about 1943, when Dr. E.B. Lawson indicated that they were in the possession of the W.A. Woodside family of Sugar Grove. Transcription of document included in several histories.
Contract between Robert Falconer Sr. and Germund and Catherine Johnson.  Land purchase in Chandlers Valley.
Original Register of land contracts likely lost
CharlesGorman in uniform

Location: Originals possibly still in the hands of family members in Laddonia, Audrain County, Missouri.
Image of Letter: None. Partial transcription of letter only.
Photograph: Said to be still in family.
Significance: This letter is an indication of Swedish-American participation in the Civil War. The letter also indicates the carnage of the New York 112th Regiment (the Chautauqua Regiment) after the Battle of Cold Harbor. The photograph is the only known example of an area Swede in uniform during the Civil War.
1845 New York Census for Mina Township
Likely lost, Town of Mina clerk's files
Samuel Johnson letter from Buffalo describing conditions, November 1846.

Location: Original likely lost.  Letter published in the Östgötha Correspondenten, May 26, 1847
Image:  Lars Griberg of Linköpings Universitetsbibliotek, scan from b&w microfilm
Significance: letter details the number of passengers of the Virginia who remained in Buffalo and indicates their circumstances.
Codicil of will of Peter Peterson giving insurance money to cousins in Minnesota.
Location: Original likely lost, Record copy in Warren County courthouse.
Image:  LDS from b&w microfilm
Significance: This codicil indicates the close connections between our area and other Swedish communities like Vasa, Minnesota.
Isaac K. Been citizenship papers.  First Swede to become a U.S. citizen,
Original in the collection of Chautauqua County. (Not yet located)
Chautauqua County Alms house records, 1851-1860 showing assistance given to the early immigrants

Letter to the Edition by JAP
Original is likely lost.  Published in the Jamestown Evening Journal

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