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I am assembling this database in order to investigate the story of the early Swedes in Jamestown, New York.
I am using genealogical information as a tool for reconstructing that small community, but family history has not been my first priority.  Nevertheless, I do hope that the information in this database will be useful to anyone doing family history research that might include one of these early Swedish immigrants.

I have attempted to assure the correctness of all the information included in the database, but there are likely to be some errors.  If you should encounter an omission or error, please contact me with details.

If you have information about immigrants who aren't included in this database, please also contact me with details.  Additional information about each of the immigrants helps to fill in the details of their lives and their experiences in America.

If you would like to contribute to the ongoing research for this project (especially transcribing ship manifests), then let me know about your interests and let's talk.  I welcome your input and I will note your collaboration and credit your research. Thanks.


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