1850 United States Federal Census

The 1850 United States Census provides a starting point for tracking immigrants in both Chautauqua County and Warren County. Generally, immigrants who were arriving in the summer and autumn of 1850 were not enumerated.  There are a substantial number of omissions (at least 15) and several errors relative to the new Swedish community in this census.

The identification of Louisa Johnson [1846.009] is uncertain.  She was the oldest daughter of Germund and Catherine Johnson who had been taken in by the Struthers family and was the first Swede to live in Warren County.  She was not enumerated with the Struthers family although she likely lived with this family during the 1850s and is listed in their household in 1860.  In 1850, Louisa Johnson might be listed in Dr. Gilbert Hazeltine's household – she is the closest match – although the Louisa Johnson listed in this household was noted as 18 rather than 13 year old.  Less likely, Louisa might be listed in the household of Samuel P. Johnson, a law partner of Thomas Struthers (plausibly she's on loan).  In that household there is a Louise Johnson, age 9, born in Germany, however this may have been Louisa Shirley from Germany who was 18 years old and living in Warren in 1860.

Entries highlighted in yellow indicate verified errors in the enumeration or entries that are in question. Updated March 2017.

Database Reference1850 United States Federal Census Listing - Warren County, Pennsylvania
No.Immigrant NameEDNo.NameAgeSexBirthReference
1849.002Mrs. Lars (Ellen) Lawson
Broken straw
Ellen Neilson35FSWE
William A. Irvine household
1849.004Mrs. (Lena) BrantLena Neilson10FSWE
1848.001Peter Oberg
Free hold
Peter Oberg54MSWE
Enumerated 27 August. Margaret Oberg was also enumerated 31 July as an employee of the John W. Fletcher hotel, Ellicott ED, Household No. 355. Likewise, Oscar was also enumerated as an employee of the John W. Fletcher hotel, Ellicott ED, Household No. 355.
1848.002Mrs. Peter (Margareta) ObergMargaretta Oberg53FSWE
1848.004Oscar OburgOscar (Oberg)18MSWE
1849.017John AndersonJohn Andrew 25MSWE
1849.018Mrs. John (Caroline Oberg) AndersonCaroline (Andrew)25FSWE
1849.019Johanna Matilda AndersonJoanniah (Andrew)2FSWE
i0413Josephine AndersonJosephine (Andrew)1mFPA
Not identifiedFree hold937Andrew Miller25MSWEFranklin S. Abbott household.
i2162Charles Norman
Pine Grove
Charles Norman24MSWELaban Hazeltine household. Possibly son of Anders Norman who accompanied group from Buffalo to Sugar Grove and then settled in Burlington, Iowa
1848.005Frank OburgFrancis Oberg12MSWELaban Hazeltine household.
1849.053Nicholas NelsonSugar Grove6Nicholas Nellson19MSWEThomas Green Farm. Farmer
1849.032John Peter Tinnerstedt
Sugar Grove
John Peterson33MSWE
1849.033Mrs. John Peter (Maria Christina) TinnerstedtChristiana Peterson33FSWE
1849.052Sarah Peterson (Tinnerstedt)Sarah Peterson10FSWE
1849.034Catherine TinnerstetCatherine Peterson5FSWE
1849.035Mrs. Urias (Charlotta) MartinCaroline Peterson2FSWE
1849.025William Lawson ThorpeSugar Grove14William Thorpe3MSWERichard Thorpe household
1849.008Peter Hanson
Sugar Grove
Peter Hanson33MSWE
1849.009Mrs. Peter (Sophia) HansonSophia Hanson32FSWE
1849.010Anna H. HansonAnna H. Hanson1FUNK
1846.007Germund Johnson
Sugar Grove
Germond Johnson35MSWE
First Swedish family to settle in Warren County
1846.008Mrs. Germund (Catherine) JohnsonCatherine (Johnson)40FSWE
1846.011Mrs. John C. (Charlotta) SundellCharlotte (Johnson)6FSWE
i0120Eliza Jane JohnsonEliza I (Johnson)2FPA
i0121Theodore JohnsonTheodore (Johnson)3mMPA
1849.027Charles J. PetersonCharles J. Peterson35MSWE
Germund Johnson household
1849.028Mrs. Charles J. (Anna L.) PetersonAnna L (Peterson)34FSWE
1849.029Christina PetersonChristina (Peterson)3FSWE
1849.030Mathilda PetersonMatilda (Peterson)8FSWE
1849.031Peter A. PetersonPeter A (Peterson)5MSWE
1849.048Swan (Sven Peter) Peterson
Sugar Grove
Peter Peterson28MSWE
1849.015Mrs. Swan (Eliza) PetersonEliza (Peterson)27FSWE
1849.013Abraham SwansonAbram Svinson55MSWE
1849.014Mrs. Abraham (Anna Maria) SwansonAnnett C (Svinson)58FSWE
1849.016Mrs. Andrew P. (Louisa) JohnsonLouisa (Svinson)17FSWE
1849.003Nils Johan JakobsonSugar Grove59John Nellson8MSWEDexter Hodge household
1846.006Charles M. JohnsonSugar Grove73Charles M. Johnson23MSWELaurens A. Langdon farm. Laborer
1849.024Mrs. Geoge A. (Anna) LindquistSugar Grove74Ann L Lauson6FSWERobert J. Falconer household
1846.010Mrs. William G. (Josephine) AllenSugar Grove91Josephine Johnson8FSWEWilliam T. Falconer household. Robert Falconer, Sr also resides here after the death of his wife in January 1850.
1849.050Mrs. A. G. (Carolina) AndersonSugar Grove128Caroline Nellson12FSWERobert M. Gray household.
1849.052possibly Sarah Peterson (Tinnerstedt) [2X]Sugar Grove141Sarah Peterson8FSWEBemsley Rowley household
1848.003Pontius ObergSugar Grove190Pontius Oberg20MSWEMartha A. Spencer household. Laborer
1849.005possibly Anna Maria PehrsdotterSugar Grove198Mary Frederick19FSWEClark Dalrymple household.
1846.003Frederick J. Johnson
Sugar Grove
Frederick Johnson31MSWE
Frederick J. Johnson household. Caroline was born in Erie County, New York while the families aboard the VIRGINIA worked there. Brother Andrew living with them.
1846.004Mrs. Frederick J. (Charlotta) JohnsonCharlott (Johnson)29FSWE
1848.006Andrew P. JohnsonAndrew (Johnson)27MSWE
1846.005Frederica L. JohnsonFredericka D (Johnson)6FSWE
i0166Caroline JohnsonCaroline Johnson2FNY
1849.054Peter M. Lawson
Sugar Grove
Peter Lawson34MSWE
Census taker added ditto mark that erroneously indicates surname was Brooks. Family not located in 1860, except Euphonia in William Seabury household.
1849.055Mrs. Peter (Elisa) LawsonElisa (Lawson)25FSWE
1849.056Mrs. Andrew J. (Josephine C.) JohnsonEuphina (Lawson)4FSWE
1849.057Oscar LawsonOscar (Lawson)2MSWE
1849.006Augustus C. MerrillWarren458Augustus Runblerser4MSWEGillman Merrill household
Database Reference1850 United States Federal Census Listing - Chautauqua County, New York
No.Immigrant NameEDNo.NameAgeSexBirthReference
Not identifiedBusti148Samuel Simonson28MSWEJames Broadhead household. Norman Carlson identified this correction of surname based on the county copy of the census, Simpson was listed on later copies. This is possibly Samuel Samuelson [1849.036], however his family is not enumerated elsewhere.
1849.023John P. LawsonBusti255John P. Lawson10MSWELoren Blodgett household
1850.009James Peterson
James Peter40MSWE
Arrived July 2, 1850 aboard the MINONA in Boston, census taken 2 Sept 1850.
1850.010Anna PetersonAnna (Peter)39FSWE
1850.011Lucy PetersonLucy (Peter)12FSWE
1850.012John PetersonJohn (Peter)9MSWE
1850.013Eric PetersonDerrick (Peter)7MSWE
1850.014Andrew PetersonAndrew (Peter)5MSWE
1850.015Sophia PetersonSophia (Peter)3FSWE
1850.077Daniel Justus
Daniel Youst45MSWE
Daniel Justus and family migrated to Minnesota in 1856 and were the first Swedes to settle in Watertown, Carver County. They emigrated from Skog Parish, Gävlebergs län in January 1850, ship not yet identified
1850.078Mrs. Daniel (Anna) JustusAnna (Youst)40FSWE
1850.080Peter Olaf JustusPeter (Youst)18MSWE
1850.079Delos JustusJohn (Youst) 15MSWE
1850.081Mrs. Andrew G. (Anna) MillerAnna (Youst)3FSWE
1848.009Mrs. Otto (Lisa Lena) PetersonEllicott39Ellen Anders13FSWEAlphus Hawley household
1848.002likely Mrs. Peter (Margareta) Oberg [3X]Ellicott119Margaret Swede50FSWEEliphalet Tinker household
1848.007Mrs. Frank A. (Johanna Charlotta) PetersonEllicott130Charlotte Johnson18FSWEEdward A. Dickenson household
1848.008Mrs. Eric M. (Lena Louisa) AndersonEllicott193Louisa Patterson24FSWEJoshua B. Van Deusen household
1849.026Samuel (Sjöstrand) JohnsonEllicott330Samuel Johnson34MSWEWilford Barker farm. Histories indicate that he was working at the R.W. Arnold tannery. His wife and children arrived 2 July 1850 in Boston aboard the MINONA
1846.009likely Mrs. William S. (Louisa) GrowEllicott341Louisa Johnson18FSWEDr. Gilbert Hazeltine household. Her age is listed as 18 not 12. Alternative listings for her include Louise Johnson, 9 F Germany in household of Samuel P. Johnson, Esq, law partner of Thomas P. Struthers (age is 9 not 12 and country of birth is incorrect) in Warren.
1848.002Mrs. Peter (Margareta) Oberg [2X]
Margaret Obierg49FSWE
Hotel of John W. Fletcher. Laborers.
1848.004Oscar W. Oburg [2X]Oscar (Obierg)16MSWE
Not identifiedEllicott361Eliza Jones18FSWEWilliam Bliss household.
Ellicott496John Swiss40MSWE
Likely not Swedish; no comparable family located. Possibly "John Sherida" a Swiss immigrant living in Waterford, Oakland County, Michigan in 1860.
John 6
1849.046Andrew Peterson
Andrew Peter39MSWE
1849.045Mrs. Andrew (Catherine) PetersonCatharine (Peter)39FSWE
1849.051Andrew JohnsonAndrew F. (Peter)23MSWE
1849.049possibly Mrs. Pontius (Mary) ObergMary (Peter)20FSWE
1849.047John A. PetersonJohn (Peter)8MSWE
Ellicott554Ephraim KingSWE
Enumerator used ditto mark. These families are not Swedish, confirmed that these entries were born in NY instead.
Ellicott555Elias CarpenterSWE
Ellicott556Charles CraneSWE
Ellicott557Levi BettsSWE
1849.022Mrs. Augustus (Mathilda H.)
Matilda Lars12FSWEPatrick Faulkner household
1849.044Peter JohnsonPeter Johnson35MSWEPatrick Faulkner household
1844.001Isaac K. Been
Isaac K. Been46MSWE
The first Swedish settlers in this region
1844.002Christina BeenCristina Been39FSWE
i0228Miller BeenPeter Mellor Been2MNY

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