The Year of Disease, Greed and Storms

These are the Swedish immigrants who arrived in 1853 and settled in Chautauqua or Warren County.  Each entry includes the reference number used in this database, the name used in this database (which will typically differ from their baptismal name in Sweden), the passenger number, manifest entry including name, age and sex, and references to their immigration.

This was the most dangerous year to make the voyage to America.  The year marks a change from Swedish vessels (carrying 50 to 100 passengers) with direct routes to New York and Boston to shuttle services to other ports (especially Liverpool) with transfers to packet ships (carrying 400 to 700 passengers) to New York.

The opportunities to make a profit off these immigrants led to voyages of starvation (Franklin King, 17 deaths) and cholera (Sagadahock, Göteborg to Boston, 53 deaths).  

In addition, other voyages were marked by losses: the Columbia (9 dead), the Superior (6 dead) and the Virginia (8 dead).  The Virginia had brought immigrants in 1846 and 1852 who settled in our area, but in 1853 she left Göteborg late in the season (3 September) and her voyage was interrupted by a storm 180 nautical miles southwest of the Faroe Islands.  The ship fought the rough seas in the North Atlantic for sixteen days, lost two masts and had to pump water constantly from its leaking hull, but was not lost.   The Virginia found safe haven in Londonderry, Northern Ireland where she made repairs and then completed her voyage the following spring arriving in New York with sixteen Swedish and four Irish passengers.  The initial number of passengers is unknown, but was probably between 50 and 75 – it is likely that many of the Swedes lucky enough to survive the ordeal were transferred to other ships or returned to Göteborg.

Immigrants shown in bold type had family members already in the area.

Immigrants arriving 10 January 1853 aboard the ship  ENTERPRISE in New York City from Liverpool.

Notes: Passengers were not numbered on this manifest, numbers have been assigned.

Database ReferenceManifest
No.Immigrant NameNo.Passenger NameReferences
1853.028B.G.P. Bergenlund41Gustav Bergland31M
Priest.  Emigrated indirectly by way of Denmark

Immigrants arriving 17 July 1853 aboard the brig CARLOS in New York City departing from Göteborg 14 May 1853.

Notes: Passengers were numbered on this manifest.  Transport of 88 immigrants, 2 reported births, no deaths on passage.

Database ReferenceManifest
No.Immigrant NameNo.Passenger NameReferences
1853.029Charles F. Johnson35Carl F. Johansson26M
Besked N:o 17-18, Ekeberg, Acklinga Parish, Skaraborgs län
1853.030Mrs. Charles F. (Johanna C.) Johnson36Johanna Johansson24F
1853.031Maja Larsdotter37Maja Kaisa Larsdotter56F
1853.032Lars Lawson38Hans Larsson33M
Smedstorp, Björktorp Parish, Älvsborgs län
1853.033Mrs. Laws (Anna Christina) Lawson39Anna C. (Larsson)35F
1853.034Peter Lawson40Lars Petter (Larsson)9M
1853.035Charlie Lawson41Carl A. (Larsson)7M
1853.036Mrs. (Sophia) Ferry42Anna S. (Larsson)5F
1853.037Mrs. David (Joanna) Cassidy43Anna C. (Larsson)3F
1853.038Andrew Pritz44Anders B. Prytz42M
Rogården, Björktorp Parish, Älvsborgs län
1853.039Mrs. Andrew (Martha) Pritz45Marta (Prytz)33F
1853.040Andrew Pritz46S. Andersson11M
1853.041Betsy Pritz47Anna B. Prytz4F
1853.048Mrs. Gustaf (Louisa) Danielson84Anna L. Andersdotter34F
Besked N:o 1, Fredriksberg, Tveta Parish, Kalmar län and Nyhagen [?]
1853.049Oscar Danielson85O. L. Danielson2M
1853.050Eva Maria Andersdotter86Elfva M. Andersdotter39F
1853.051Carl Gustaf Anderson87Carl Gustaf2M

Immigrants arriving 18 August 1853 aboard the brig SUPERIOR in New York City departing from Stockholm via Göteborg

Notes: Passengers were numbered on this manifest.  Transport of 125 immigrants, no reported dead.
Database ReferenceManifest
No.Immigrant NameNo.Passenger NameReferences
1853.002Svante Rydberg33S. Ryberg37M
Besked N:o 43, Vänersborg (Wenersborgs) stadt, Älvsborgs län
1853.003Mrs. Svante (Christina) Rydberg34S. Ryberg36F
1853.004Charles F. Rydberg35C.F. Ryberg8mM
1853.044Gustave F. Holligreen119G.F. Hellgreen30M
"Sailor". Norrtälje Parish, Stockholms län

Immigrants arriving 31 August 1853 aboard the ship SIR ROBERT PEEL in New York City, departing from Hamburg about 12 July 1853 

Notes: "Ship Sir Robert Peel, (Hamb.) Weinheitz, Hamburg 50 ds., mdse. and 296 passengers to Schmidt & Balchen." New York Daily Tribune, August 31, 1853, p 8. Passengers were numbered on this manifest.

Database ReferenceManifest
No.Immigrant NameNo.Passenger NameReferences
1853.005John Peterson (Busti)57Johann Petersson22M
Besked N:o 13, Skärvete säteriet, Stenberga parish, Jönköping. See notes for his mother, Eva Stina Petersdotter [1853.007]

1853.006Mrs. John (Anna S.) Peterson

58Anna Peterson22F
1853.024John Peterson91Peter Johannson39M
Besked N:o Besked N:o 12, Stötatorpet, Stenberga parish, Jönköping.
1853.025Mrs. Peter (Helen C.) Johnson92Lehna Johannson40F
1853.026John Johnson93Johann Peterson7M
1853.027Andrew Gustav Johnson94Andreas Peterson2M
1853.007Eva Peterson95Eva Petersdotter50F
"Destination: Ohio" Besked N:o 9, Skärvete säteriet, Stenberga parish, Jönköping. Two sons, Jonas Peterson [1852.175] and Charles P. Peterson [1852.176], emigrated in 1852. She is traveling with her three youngest children plus her son, John Peterson, and his new wife.
1853.008Andrew P. Jones96Andrew Peterson11M
1853.009Gustus Frank Jones97Gustav Peterson7M
1853.010Ella M. Clark

98Johanna Petersdotter5F

Immigrants arriving 24 October 1853 aboard the ship SAGADOHOCK in Boston, departing from Göteborg.

Notes:  Captain Fisher. Ferher & Co., owners (USA). Transport of 219 passengers, 59 died onboard, primarily from cholera.  The ship was placed in quarantine in Boston. Research about this voyage and the passengers is ongoing by Glenn William Gustafson. Passengers were not numbered on this manifest, numbers have been assigned.

Database ReferenceManifest
No.Immigrant NameNo.Passenger NameReferences
1853.011Israel Israelson26Israel Israelson34M
Besked N:o 23 Vrånganäs, Målilla med Gårdveda Parish, Kalmar län. Johanna Lund "Died on Voyage"
Johanna F. Lund27Johanna F. Lund28F
1853.012Peter Israelson28Per Aug. (Israelson)6M
1853.013Christina Israelson29Stina (Israelson)3F
1853.014Carl Johan Israelson30Carl Johan (Israelson)7mM
1853.045Deloss P. Peterson31Lars G. Peterson31M Besked N:o 32, Morebo Mörtsjöhorva, Mörlunda Parish, Kalmar län
1853.046Mrs. Deloss (Anna C.) Peterson Johnson32Anna C. Ericsdotter23F
1853.015Andrew Johnson75Anders  Johnson28M Åsmark Södergård, Gränna parish, Jönköpings län
1853.016Mrs. Andrew (Ulricka) Johnson76Ulrika Johansdotter34F
i2895 Jonas Peter Jonsson152Jonas P. Jonsson52MDied (on Way)  Högsby Parish, Kalmar län
1853.042Mrs. A.P. (Eva Augusta) Burch153Eva G. Isaksdotter52M
i2896Carl Johan Jonsson154Carl Johan (Jonsson)10MDied on Way
i2897Christina Maria Jonsdotter155Christine (Jonsdotter)8F(Died on Way)
i2899Sven August Jonsson156Swen Augt. (Jonsson)6M(Died on Way)
i2898Peter Gustaf Jonsson157Peter Gustaf (Jonsson)4M(Died on Way)
1853.043Hedda Burch158Hening Gustafva (Jonsdotter)10mF

Immigrants arriving 26 August 1853 aboard the ship FRANKLIN KING in New York, departing from Liverpool.  

Notes: Transport of 605 passengers, including 225 Swedes, 15 deaths. "Ship Franklin King, Borland, Liverpool, 42 days, with mdse. and 600 passengers, to J.O. Baker. Aug 5, lat 41 58, lon. 52 30, in a sudden squall from W.S.W. lost the three topmasts close to the cap, with everything attached; lost jibboom, carried away main-yard, split mainsail, sprung fore-yard, split fore-sails; was 4 days with nothing set but fore-sail and crotchet; was 28 days to the westward of the Banks, with light winds from the westward; has had 17 deaths and 6 births” New York Daily Tribune, August 26, 1853, p 8. Passengers were numbered on this manifest.

Database ReferenceManifest
1853.054Jonas Peter Jones172Jonas P. Johnson30MBricklayer. Nye parish, Kalmar län. Manifest indicates Hilda Catharine died on voyage. The family is listed in the 1860 census with one daughter born at sea. Four births were tallied for this voyage, but no births are identified on the manifest.
1853.055Mrs. Jonas (Elizabeth Catharine) Jones173Eliza (Johnson)30F
i3231Emma Christina Jonasdotter174Christina (Johnson)3F
1853.056Hilda Jones175Catharina (Johnson)infF

1853.053John F. Lawson176John F?k. Danielson20MTailor.  Besked No.4  Fröreda Storgård, Järeda Parish, Kalmar län
1853.052Rev. Carl Otto Hultgren185Charles Halton20MPlasterer; Besked No. 3, Kyrkobråten, Målilla med Gårdveda Parish, Kalmar. Future Lutheran minister in Jamestown.  His family settled in Andover, Illinois
1853.017Charles Gorman226Carl Johnson29MBesked N:o 8 & 9, Ekenås, Lönneberga Parish, Kalmar. Letter warning others about his experience published in Folkets Röst. (Kalmar) No.16, February 25, 1854, page 2. Infant daughter Mathilda dies passage
1853.018Mrs. Charles (Fredericka) Gorman227Fredrika (Johnson)25F
1853.019Mrs. Frederick D. (Christine C.) Lucas228Christina (Johnson)2F
i1913Mathilda Sophia Gorman229Matilda (Johnson)infF

Immigrants arriving 24 October 1853 aboard the ship WASHINGTON in New York City, departing from Liverpool 

Notes: .

Database ReferenceManifest
1853.020Jonas Peterson211Johanes Peterson44MBesked N:o 35, Tomten, Tvärred Parish, Älvsborg
1853.021Mrs. Jonas (Anna Greta) Peterson212Anna (Peterson)42F
1853.022Augustus S. Peterson213John (Peterson)11M
1853.023Josefina Carolina Peterson214Sophia (Peterson)9F

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