These are the Swedish immigrants who arrived in 1855 and settled in Chautauqua or Warren County.  Each entry includes the reference number used in this database, the name used in this database (which will typically differ from their baptismal name in Sweden), the passenger number, manifest entry including name, age and sex, and references to their immigration.

Immigrants shown in bold type had family members already in the area.

Immigrants arriving 27 July 1855 aboard the ship HERSCHEL in New York City departing from Hamburg.

Notes: Passengers were not numbered on this manifest, numbers have been assigned. Transport of 216 immigrants including 48 Swedes, 1 reported dead.
Database ReferenceManifest
No.Immigrant NameNo.Passenger NameReferences
1855.001H. Peter Lind25Hans Peter Johansson47M
Besked N:o 2, Modahl under Vallnäs, Hässleby Parish, Jönköping. Peter's brother, John Lind, emigrated to Warren County in 1850.
1855.002Mrs. Peter (Sarah M.) Lind26Sara Maria Johansson42F
1855.003Mrs. Charles (Mary Ann) Sandberg27Anna Johansson19F
1855.004Mrs. August (Christina) Neal28Stina Johansson17F
1855.005Peter J. Lind29Peter Joh. Johansson12M
1855.006Charles Lind30Carl Aug. Johansson11M
1855.007John Lind31Johannes Johansson8M
1855.008Andrew Frank Lind32Anders Fredric Johansson6M
1855.016Charles J. Frank33Carl Joh. Danielsson26M
Besked N:o 8, Överstås, Hässleby Parish
1855.009Mrs. Delos F. (Caroline) Johnson34Carin Johansdotter25F
Besked N:o 3, Modahl under Vallnäs, Hässleby Parish
1855.010Mrs. John (Mary) Nelson35Maria Johansdotter29F
Besked N:o 5, Lökanäs, Hässleby Parish
1855.011Fredrika Samuelsdotter36Fredericka Samuelsdotter25F
Besked N:o 6, Sjövik, Hässleby Parish
1855.012Johanna Samuelsdotter37Johanna Samuelsdotter25F
Besked N:o 7, Hornsveds, Hässleby Parish
1855.013John Johnson38Hans Joh. Danielson25F
Besked N:o 4, Ingaryd, Hässleby Parish. Age is 35. Brother-in-law of Carolina Johansdotter and H. Peter Lind. His wife and family remain behind and emigrate in 1856.

Immigrants arriving 30 July 1855 aboard the ship Louis Napolean in New York City departing from Hamburg 16 June.

Notes: Captain J.C. Wienholtz, passengers were numbered on this manifest. Transport of 235 immigrants including 10 Swedes. This was one of the last ships to arrive directly in New York harbor as Castle Garden Emigrant Landing Depot began operation 1 August 1855.
Database ReferenceManifest
No.Immigrant NameNo.Passenger NameReferences
1855.014John Gron206Joh. Johanssen27M
Besked N:o 8, Brofall, Frödinge Parish, Kalmar län. Hamburg transit document indicates origin was Kalmar and that her name was Anna Carin. They joined his three siblings already in our area.
1855.015Mrs. John (Anna) Gron207Anna (Johanssen)28F

Castle Garden Emigrant Landing Depot begins operation 1 August 1855. From this date onward all immigrants arriving in New York City enter Castle Garden first for processing (and protection).

Immigrants arriving 4 August 1855 aboard the ship ANN WASHBURN in Boston

Notes: Information from Massachusetts Archives database based on transcribed passenger list, original manifest lost. Her 1856 voyage between Hamburg and New York City included 353 passengers.
Database ReferenceManifest
No.Immigrant NameNo.Passenger NameReferences
1855.017Andrew Peterson182Anders Petersson31M
Besked N:o 13 Gebo, Vimmerby parish, Kalmar
1855.018Mrs. Andrew (Christine Louise) Anderson183Stina L. Jonsdotter35F
1855.019Mrs. Adelbert (Louise H.) Moon184Hilda Christina2F
1855.020John A. Johnson185Erik J. Gustafson39M
Besked N:o 14 Gebo, Vimmerby parish, Kalmar
1855.021Mrs. John A. (Sophia) Johnson186Sophia Jonsdotter30F
1855.022Lars Johan Johnson187Lars Johan11M
1855.023Charles H. Johnson188Carl Gustaf7M
1855.024Christine Louise Johnson189Christina Lowisa5F
1855.025Andrew F. Johnson190Anders Fredric            2M

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