1856 Jamestown Congregation List

Notes: The Jamestown congregation list included 165 individuals: immigrants and first-generation Swedish American children. He identified Jamestown, Frewsburg, and Cherry Creek as places where members of this congregation lived. 

The errors in Swensson's list have been corrected with documented birth dates and places that are shown in bold italics. Listings in this database that are highlighted in pink indicate that substantial documentation about these individuals and families in America has not been found.

Database Reference1856 Jamestown Congregation List
No.Immigrant NameNo.NameBirth DateBirth Place
1850.003Otto Peterson1Otto Peterson3/3 1829Vimmerby Stadsförsamling, Kalmar
1848.009Mrs. Otto (Lisa Lena) Peterson1H. Loisa Lena30/7 1833Pelarne Parish, Kalmar
i0291Amelia Lisa Lena Peterson1D. Anna Mary15/1 1854America
i1302Anna Mary Peterson1D. Emelia30/5 1856America
1851.150John Hagle2Johan Magn. Danielsson Hagel8/6 1816Hässleby Parish, Jönköping
1854.012Mrs. John (Johanna) Hagel2H. Johanna Johdr.5/3 1827Annerstad Parish, Kronobergs län
1851.152Stina Maria Hagel2D. Stina Maria14/8 1840Lönneberga Parish, Kalmar
1851.154Samuel J. Hagel2S. Samuel Johan15/9 1842Lönneberga Parish, Kalmar
i1307Anna Carolina Hagel2D. Anna Carolina15/10 1855America
i1310Nelson Jones2Drang Nils Joh Johanss.3/9 1840Annerstad Parish, Kronoberg, brother-in-law
1853.002Svante Rydberg3Swante Rydberg10/12 1816Dalskog Parish, Älvsborg
1853.003Mrs. Swante (Christine) Rydberg3H. Britta Stina Johdr3/9 1817Dalskog Parish, Älvsborg
1853.004Charles F. Rydberg3S. Carl Fredrick10/1 1853Vänersborg (Wenersborgs) stadt, Älvsborg
1852.001Andrew Sampson4Anders Samuelsson12/8 1824Lönneberga Parish, Kalmar

See Family No. 25Johan Magnus Danielss.6/8 1816Hässleby Parish, Jönköping

Error in wife's name by Swensson, see Family No. 25H. Anna Carolina15/10 This name and date of birth do not correspond to any of the 2 or 3 women who later married John Hagel

See Family No. 25D. Stina Maria14/8 1840Lönneberga Parish, Kalmar

See Family No. 25S. Samuel Johan15/9 1842Lönneberga Parish, Kalmar

See Family No. 25D. Anna Carolina15/10 1855America
1851.155Anders Oscar Hagel5oäkta Anders Oscar14/6 1849Lönneberga Parish, Kalmar, son of Maria Catharina Larsdotter
1852.090Frank Ekholm6Aron Fredr. Ekholm17/5 1811Ekeby Parish, Östergötland
1851.030Mrs. Frank (Ellen) Ekholm6H. Lena Carolina Jonsdr.4/2 1825Sund Parish, Östergötland
1852.092Adolf F. Ekholm6S. Adolf Fredr.19/11 1846Ekeby Parish, Östergötland
1852.093Mrs. Mathilda Johnson6D. Mathilda Christina20/10 1849Ekeby Parish, Östergötland
1852.086Samuel Berg7Samuel Berg9/10 1822Sya Parish, Östergötland
1852.087Mrs. Samuel (Ellen) Berg7H. Lena Cajsa Eriksdr.20/1 1824Herrberga Parish, Östergötland
1852.088Mrs. John P. (Helen A.) Gelm7D. Albertina24/4 1847Herrberga Parish, Östergötland
1852.089Johanna Mathilda Berg7D. Johanna Mathilda7/3 1849Herrberga Parish, Östergötland
i1318Carolina Berg7D. Carolina4/6 1853America
i0112Emily Berg7D. Emelia6/8 1855America
i1317Carl Albert Berg7Son Carl Albert22/7 1857Jamestown
1852.200Andrew Anderson8Anders Andersson14/8 1809Strängsered Parish, Älvsborg
1852.201Mrs. Andrew (Louisa) Anderson8H. Lovisa Olofsdr.6/5 1811Gällstad Parish, Älvsborg
1852.203Elizabeth Anderson8D. Johanna Elisabeth17/9 1842Strängsered Parish, Älvsborg
1852.204Frederica Anderson8D. Fredrica20/10 1846Strängsered Parish, Älvsborg
1852.241Andrew Johnson9Anders Johanss d.ä14/4 1808Hössna Parish, Älvsborg
i1331Mrs. Andrew (Josephine) Johnson9H. Josefina Sofia1823Pelarne Parish, Kalmar
i1332Carl Johnson9S. Carl8/11 1852America
i1333Gustaf Johnson9S. Gustaf4/10 1854America
i1334Frank Johnson9S. Frank18/11 1856America
1852.146John Johnson10Johannes Jönss.20/5 1820Asby Parish, Östergötland
1852.147Mrs. John (Harriet) Johnson10H. Hedda Johansdr.4/5 1820Asby Parish, Östergötland
i1344Charlotta Johnson10D. Charlotta30/10 1855America
1854.030Swan Swanson11Swen Swensson5/4 1816Månsarp Parish, Jönköping
1854.031Mrs. Swan (Caroline) Swanson11H. Cajsa Anderdr1/12 1818Strängsered Parish, Älvsborg
1854.032John A. Swanson11S. Johan August10/8 1845Strängsered Parish, Älvsborg
1854.033Hannah Swanson11D. Johanna25/1 1847Strängsered Parish, Älvsborg
1854.034Mrs. Almeron G. (E. Christina) Saxton11D. Christina3/9 1848Strängsered Parish, Älvsborg
1854.035Mary Swanson11D. Maja Greta9/5 1852Strängsered Parish, Älvsborg
I0639Olof Helstrom12Olof Hellström3/5 1806Ingatorp Parish, Jönköping
I0640Catharina Johansdotter12H. Catarina Johansdr7/3 1798Västra Ryd Parish, Östergötland
I0558Anders Johnson13Anders Johanness.21/3 1825Gränna parish, Jönköping
I0559Mrs. Andrew (Louisa) Johnson13H. Ullrika Johansdr.11/11 1819Marbäck parish, Jönköping
I1345August Johnson13S. August25/8 1854Cadover, New York
I1346Charlotte Johnson13D. Augusta Charlotta10/8 1856Jamestown
1854.020Peter A. Norene14Per Ad. Norén4/5 1830Ödeshög Parish, Östergötland
1854.028Mrs. Peter A. (Eva C.) Norene14H. Lisa Charlotta Persdr.29/3 1827Ödeshög Parish, Östergötland
1854.029Clara Emelia Norene14D. Clara Emelia22/5 1854Ödeshög Parish, Östergötland
i1349Per Johan Norén14S. Per Johan31/5 1856America
1852.229John F. Peterson15Joh Pet. Fredr. Peterss.21/6 1821[no place listed]
1852.022Mrs. John F. (Louise) Peterson15H. Anna Lovisa15/7 1825Målilla Parish, Kalmar
1852.023Peter Johnson15S. Johan Peter Johannesson3/10 1846Lönneberga Parish, Kalmar
1852.024Augustus Johnson15S. Jonas August Johanness.12/11 1848Lönneberga Parish, Kalmar
1852.022Christina Peterson15D. Christina Lovisa Petes.16/1 1853America
1853.005John Peterson (Busti)16Johan Pehson18/9 1831Stenberga Parish, Jönköping
1853.006Mrs. John (Anna S.) Peterson16H. Anna Sofia2/8 1831Stenberga Parish, Jönköping
i0718Charles W. Peterson16S. Charles William27/4 1854America
i1355Frank Peterson16S. Frenk Peter19/7 1855America
1849.051Andrew Johnson17Anders Johansson16/4 1825Lönneberga Parish, Kalmar
i1357 Carolina Nilsdotter17H. Carolina Nilsdr4/12 1824Lönneberga Parish, Kalmar
i1358Mary Johnson17D. Mary25/6 1853America
i1359Peter Johnson17S. Johan Peter6/11 1855America
1852.050John Augustus18Johannes Gustafss.6/2 1814Sibbarp Parish, Halland
1852.051Mrs. John (Charlotte) Augustus18H. Lotta Gustafsdr.12/12 1814Sandhem Parish, Jönköping
1852.054Mrs. Charles (Charlotte) Gron18D. Johanna Charlotta10/4 1849Sandhem Parish, Jönköping
1852.055Charles Jones19Carl Jönsson Klang30/5 1826Målilla Parish, Kalmar
1852.024Mrs. Charles (Charlotte) Jones19H. Charlotta Amelia6/12 1832Ödeshög Parish, Östergötland
i0542Mrs. Alfred (Mary) Erickson19D. Maria Emelia8/3 1857[no place listed] Jamestown
1852.021Lars Augustus Johnson20Lars August Jonss.12/4 1829Vadstena Parish, Östergötland
1854.026Mrs. Lars Augustus (Mary) Johnson20H. Maria Math. Persd.31/5 1832Ödeshög Parish, Östergötland
i1368Mathilda Ulrica Johnson20D. Mathilda Ullrica24/1 1856America
i1369Johan Gilbert Johnson20S. Johan Gilbert31/8 1857America

20D. Emelia Emelia[no date][no place] Likely clerical error rather than a deceased child, see Ammite Emelia Johnson Hojer 
1851.115Oscar J. Johnson21Johan Oscar Johanss.11/10 1828Västra Eneby Parish, Östergötland
1851.116Mrs. Oscar (Elizabeth) Johnson21H. Inga Lisa Larsdr.7/4 1830Västra Eneby Parish, Östergötland
i0870Florence M. Johnson21D. Florence mathilda21/8 1853America
i0871Alfred Johnson21S. Carl Alfred20/6 1855America
i0872Frederick O. Johnson21S. Oscar Fredric1/8 1857America
i1039 Swan Nelson (Frewsburg)22Sven Nilsson8/7 1831Mörlunda Parish, Kalmar
1851.128Mrs. Swan (Johanna) Nelson22H. Johanna1835död 1/1[?] 56
i1374Mrs. Charles (Josephine) Carlson22D. Johanna Josefina16/12 1855America
1852.220Charles F. Johnson (wagon maker)23Carl Fredr. Jönss.25/12 1817Säby Parish, Jönköping
1852.135Mrs. Charles (Caroline) Johnson23H. Johanna Carol. Kron9/11 1830Sund Parish, Östergötland
i1384Anna Sofia Jonsson23Anna Sofia26/6 1849America
i1708Charlotte24H. Charlotta Johansdr20/5 1833Hässleby Parish [sic]
i0865Emily Nelson24D. Emila Mathilda20/10 1854America
1853.001Charles F. Londquist25Carl Fr. Lundquist1/5 1825Asby Parish, Östergötland
1852.150Mrs Charles F. (Mary) Londquist25H. Maria Andersdr.25/7 1832Torpa Parish, Östergötland
i1388Carl Henrik Lundquist25S. Carl Henrick11/5 1854Frewsburg, Chautauqua County, New York
i1389Johan Fredrik Lundquist25S. Johan Fredr.22/5 1856Jamestown, Chautauqua County, New York
i1393Johan Magnus26Johan Magnus[no date][no place]
1851.134John Peterson Brant27Johan Pers. Brandt30/5 1808Ingatorp Parish, Jönköping
1851.135Mrs. John (Anna) Brant27H. Anna Carin2/1 1813Ingatorp Parish, Jönköping
1851.137Anna Catharine Brant27D. Anna Catrina Br.29/9 1838Hof (?) Parish, Sweden
1851.139Stina Greta Brant27D. Stina Greta Br.3/11 1840Ingatorp Parish, Jönköping
1851.141Frederick A. Brant27S. Ander Fredr Br.4/9 1845Ingatorp Parish, Jönköping
1851.142Samuel O. Brant27S. Samuel Otto Br.19/5 1848Ingatorp Parish, Jönköping
1851.138Carolina Brant27Carolina Johansson9/9 1840Ingatorp Parish, Jönköping
1851.143 Peter J. Brant27Peter Brandt23/5 1851Likely Ingatorp Parish
i0621Martin Brant27Mörtin Br.29/1 1853America
1853.020Jonas Peterson28Jonas Perss.6/10 1809Ödeshög Parish, Östergötland
1853.021Mrs. Jonas (Anna Greta) Peterson28H. Anna Greta Carlsdr23/8 1811Hogstad Parish, Östergötland
1853.022Augustus S. Peterson28S. Per Johan August11/9 1840Hogstad Parish, Östergötland
1853.023Josefina Carolina Peterson28D. Josefina Carolina29/4 1844Hogstad Parish, Östergötland
1852.075Jonas Johnson29Jonas Jönss. Höjer23/7 1814Kråkshult parish, Jönköping
1852.076Mrs. John (Marie C.) Johnson29Stina Maria Carlsdr20/6 1814Ingatorp Parish, Jönköping
1852.213Andrew Lawson30Andreas Larss.1/10 1805Sexdrega Parish, Älvsborg
1852.214Mrs. Andrew (Anna) Lawson30H. Anna Johansdr1798Seglora Parish, Älvsborg
1856.012Carl Isaksson31Dr[ang] Carl Isakss.14/9 1831Annerstad Parish, Kronoberg
1851.027Jonas Peterson32Jonas Peter Johanss.13/1 1808Svinhult Parish, Östergötland
1851.028Mrs. Jonas (Margaret) Peterson32H. Greta Swensdr.6/9 1805Sund Parish, Östergötland
1851.025Charles Malm33Carl Magnus Malm1/11 1818Sund Parish, Östergötland
1851.026Mrs. Charles (Mary) Malm33Maja Lovisa Swensdr.10/12 1807Sund Parish, Östergötland
1851.036Peter Gron34Peter Johanss. Gron 10/6 1812Frödinge Parish, Kalmar
1851.037Mrs. Peter (Carolina) Gron34H. Carolina Johansdr4/2 1812Frödinge Parish, Kalmar
1851.038Louise Gron34D. Anna Lovisa14/12 1839Vimmerby Parish, Kalmar
1851.039Mrs. James S. (Caroline G.) Haven34D. Carolina 16/10 1842Vimmerby Parish, Kalmar
1851.040Augustus Gron34S. Johan August9/4 1845Vimmerby Parish, Kalmar
1851.041Mrs. Arthur A. (Ida) Amidon34D. Ida22/2 1851Vimmerby Parish, Kalmar
i0270Eris A. Gron34S. Eric15/3 1854America
1852.144Charles Flink35Carl Flink7/9 1815Torpa Parish, Östergötland
1852.145Mrs. Charles (Louise) Flink35Lovisa Johansdr22/5 1820Marbäck parish, Jönköping
1852.177August Spencer36Gustaf Swensson15/3 1818Ekeby Parish, Östergötland
1852.178Mrs. G.A. (Johanna) Spencer36H. Johanna Gustava27/5 1820Ekeby Parish, Östergötland
1852.179S. Augustus Spencer36S. Swen August25/7 1846Rinna Parish, Östergötland
1852.180Frank Spencer36S. Frans25/8 1849Ekeby Parish, Östergötland
1852.181Nicholas Spencer36S. Nils Peter30/3 1852Ekeby Parish, Östergötland
i0795Mrs. Hulda Carpenter36D. Hilda9/12 1854America
i0796Edward J. Spencer36S. Johan Edvard31/1 1857America
1853.029Carl F. Johnson (Jamestown)37Carl Fredr. Johanss.7/8 1826Agnetorp Parish, Skaraborg
1853.030Mrs. Charles F. (Johanna C.) Johnson37Johanna Larsdr22/11 1828Varv Parish, Skaraborg
i1407Maja Lotta Johansson37D. Maja Lotta3/5 1854America
i1408Alexander Johansson37S. Alexander7/4 1856America
1852.059Peter Nelson38Nils Pet. Nilsson22/9 1816Horn Parish, Östergötland
1852.060Mrs. Peter (Belinda) Nelson38H. Brigitta Elis. Persdr25/9 1819Horn Parish, Östergötland
1852.061Alfred Nelson38S. Johan Alfred23/9 1842Horn Parish, Östergötland
1852.062Mrs. Edward (Louise) Coe38D. Christina Lovisa2/6 1845Horn Parish, Östergötland
1852.063Charlotte Nelson38D. Anna Charlotta7/5 1851Horn Parish, Östergötland
i0813Sophia L. Nelson38D. Loretta Sofie10/10 1854Chautauqua County, New York
i1409Sally Anna Nelson38D. Sally Anna16/6 1856[no place, likely Jamestown]
1852.171John Peterson39Samuel Johan Peterss.4/4 1824Ekeby Parish, Östergötland
1852.172Mrs. John (Emilie) Peterson39H. Amelia Ekholm9/9 1825Ekeby Parish, Östergötland
1854.001Perry J. Peterson40Per Johan Benss.16/11 1822Habo Parish, Jönköping
1854.002Mrs. Perry (Hanna) Peterson40H. Johanna Andersdr.23/9 1824Kölingared Parish, Älvsborg
1854.003Charlotta Persdotter40D. Charlotta20/7 1850Kölingared Parish, Älvsborg
1854.008F. Maurits Fincke41Fredr Maurits Finke14/12 1815Stockholm
1854.009Mrs. F.M (Louise) Fincke41H. Lovisa Harms23/4 1817Karlshamn, Blekinge
1854.010Gustavas M. Finkey41S. Gustaf16/2 1843Karlshamn, Blekinge
1854.011Ely F. Brown41S. Ely Fredr. William24/8 1854Atlantic Ocean
1852.006Brita Stina Johnson42Enk. Britta Nilsdr28/10 1814Ölmstad Parish, Jönköping
1852.007Axel Johnson42S. Axel27/10 1840Lekeryd Parish, Jönköping
1852.008John D. Johnson42S. Johan14/9 1845Lekeryd Parish, Jönköping
43[number skipped]
1850.002Frank A. Peterson44And. Frank Peterson10/3 1827Södra Vi Parish, Kalmar
1850.068Martha Anderson45Enkan Maja Stina Johansdr1/9 1816Svinhult Parish, Östergötland
1853.007Eva Peterson46Enkan Eva Christina Petersdr29/6 1803Alseda parish, Jönköping
i1416John Benson47Bengt Jonsson10/1 1800Lönshult Parish, Kronoberg
i1417Mrs. John (Louisa) Benson47H. Gunild Persdr20/12 1803Göteryd Parish, Kronoberg
i1418John Benson47S. John11/4 1845Lönshult Parish, Kronoberg
i0654John Peterson[48]Joh. Pet. Peterss.[no date] 5/3 1820[no birthplace] Ingatorp Parish
i0655Mrs. John (Brita Stina) Peterson[48]H. Sara Stina Jonsdr[no date] 5/10 1818[no birthplace] Ingatorp Parish

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