1856 Sugar Grove Congregation

Notes: The Sugar Grove congregation list included 273 individuals: immigrants and first-generation Swedish American children. He identified Hessel Valley, Chandlers Valley, Teal Hill (various spellings), Ashville and Busti as places where members of this congregation lived. 

The errors in Swensson's list have been corrected with documented birth dates and places that are shown in bold italics. Listings in this database that are highlighted in pink indicate that basic documentation about these individuals and families in America has not been found (i.e., arrival in the U.S.)

Database ReferenceSugar Grove Congregation List by Jonas Swensson
No.Immigrant NameNo.NameBirth DateBirth Place
1851.173Andrew P. Gelm1And. Peter Magns. Gelm2/2 1812Vimmerby Parish, Kalmar
1851.174Mrs. Andrew P. (Sara Stina) Gelm1H. Sara Stina Persdr27/10 1812Frödinge Parish, Kalmar
1851.176Mrs. John P. (Charlotte) Bondeson1D. Cathrina Charlotte23/8 1837Hässleby Parish, Jönköping
1851.175John P. Gelm1S. Jonas Peter8/5 1840Hässleby Parish, Jönköping
1846.003Frederick J. Johnson2Jon Fredr. Jönsson3/10 1818Hässleby Parish, Jönköping
1846.004Mrs. Fredrick J. (Charlotta) Johnson2H. Charlotta Swensdr10/5 1820Ingatorp Parish, Jönköping
1846.005Frederica L. Johnson2D. Fredrika Lovisa7/9 1843Hässleby Parish, Jönköping
i0166Caroline Johnson2D. Carolina17/10 1847America
i0167Josephine Johnson2D. Josephine Albertina23/10 1850America
i0191Sarah J. Johnson2D. Sarie Johanna19/1 1853America
i0055Lawrence A. Johnston2S. Lorenz Albert12/8 1855America
1851.031Magnus Hultberg3Magnus Hultberg3/4 1814Södra Vi Parish, Kalmar
1851.032Mrs. Magnus (Christina) Hultberg3H. Christina Johansdr29/5 1816Frödinge Parish, Kalmar
1851.033Andrew J. Hultberg3S. Anders Johan7/11 1843Södra Vi Parish, Kalmar
1851.034Charles Hultberg3S. Carl Magnus25/6 1846Frödinge Parish, Kalmar
1851.035Mrs. August (Anna) Lindeblad3D. Anna Lovisa4/11 1848Frödinge Parish, Kalmar
i0261Charlotte Hultberg3D. Charlotte Junilla2/2 1852America
i0262Albert Hultberg3S. Alfred23/10 1856America
1852.013Peter Peterson4Peter Johannes Peterss27/4 1811Lönneberga Parish, Kalmar
1852.014Mrs. Peter (Stina Catharina) Peterson4H. Stina Catrina Johansdr20/11 1810Lönneberga Parish, Kalmar
1852.015Per Johan Petersson4S. Per Johan1/6 1836Lönneberga Parish, Kalmar
1852.016Samuel August Petersson4S. Samuel August27/1 1838Lönneberga Parish, Kalmar
1852.017Daniel Petersson4S. David9/3 1840Lönneberga Parish, Kalmar
1852.018Carl Fredrik Petersson4S. Carl Fredrick28/5 1845Lönneberga Parish, Kalmar
1852.019Lars Petersson4S. Lars24/2 1848Lönneberga Parish, Kalmar
1852.020Carolina Petersdotter4D. Carolina30/10 1850Lönneberga Parish, Kalmar
1850.029Samuel Lawson5Samuel Larsson17/3 1805Lönneberga Parish, Kalmar
1850.030Mrs. Samuel (Martha) Lawson5H. Maja Stina Nilsdr17/8 1809Pelarne Parish, Kalmar
1850.031Frederick Lawson5S. Nils Fredrick4/10 1838Pelarne Parish, Kalmar
1850.033August Lawson5S. Lars August2/9 1840Pelarne Parish, Kalmar
1850.032John Lawson5S. Johan Peter9/11 1843
1850.034Mrs. August W. (Carrie L.) Jones5D. Caroline Lovisa7/4 1846Pelarne Parish, Kalmar
1850.035Oscar Lawson5S. Frans Oscar20/4 1849Pelarne Parish, Kalmar
i1051Samuel Henry Lawson5S. Sam Henry24/7 1853America
1846.006Charles M. Johnson6Carl Magn. Jönsson6/4 1826Hässleby Parish, Jönköping
1846.002Mrs. Charles M. (Caroline) Johnson6H. Carolina Christine Dahl27/1 1828Lönneberga Parish, Kalmar
i0193William Johnson6S. Wilhelm Oscar27/11 1852America
i0194Edward Johnson6S. Edward Ferdinand27/6 1854America
i0195Amelia Johnson6D. Emelia Augusta14/4 1856America
1851.010Andrew Swanson7And. Peter Swensson8/8 1812Tjärstad Parish, Östergötland
1851.011Mrs. Andrew (Albertina) Swanson7H. Albertina Carlsdr Nöjd1/12 1824Södra Vi Parish, Kalmar
1851.012William Swanson7S. Swen Magnus4/11 1842Södra Vi Parish, Kalmar
1851.013John Swanson7S. Anders Johan8/11 1846Södra Vi Parish, Kalmar
1851.014Charles A. Swanson7S. Carl Alfred24/3 1849Södra Vi Parish, Kalmar
i0684Emily Swanson7D. Caroline Emelie27/12 1851America
i0685Frank Swanson7S. Frank8/5 1854America
i1052David Albert Swanson7S. David Albert13/2 1857America
1849.044Peter Johnson8Peter Jönsson8/1 1811Hässleby Parish, Jönköping
1851.186Mrs. Peter (Mary E. Johnson)8H. Maria Elisabeth Petersdr9/3 1819Ulrika Parish, Östergötland
i1055John P. Johnson8S. Jonas Peterss.18/12 1856America
1849.013Abraham Swanson9Abraham Swensson27/2 1796Kisa Parish, Östergötland
1849.014Mrs. Abraham (Anna Maria) Swanson9H. Anna Maja Håkansdr20/3 1795Oppeby Parish, Östergötland
1849.048Swan Peterson9Sven Peter Petersson21/7 1821Kisa Parish, Östergötland
1851.120John M. Akins10Jöns Magn. Jönssson21/10 1809Hässleby Parish, Jönköping
1851.121Mrs. John (Maria) Akins10H. Maria Jönsdr29/12 1816Ökna Parish, Jönköping
1851.122Jonas P. Akins10S. Jonas Peter25/12 1837Hässleby Parish, Jönköping
1851.123Mrs. Alfred (Christina) Johnson10D. Stina Catarina1/9 1839Hässleby Parish, Jönköping
1851.124John A. Akins10S. Johan August4/10 1843Vimmerby landsförsamling, Kalmar
1851.125Andrew Akins10S. Anders Magnus19/7 1848Hässleby Parish, Jönköping
1851.126Charles Akins10S. Carl Fredrick14/7 1850Hässleby Parish, Jönköping
i1056Mrs. Lars (Mathilda) Swanson10D. Mathilda18/11 1852America
i1057O. William Akins10S. Otto Wilhelm22/6 1855America
i1058Alfred D. Akins10S. Alfrid21/6 1857America
1852.036John Miller11Johannes Anderss.4/12 1803Mellby Parish, Jönköping
1852.037Mrs. John (Mary C.) Miller11H. Maria Catrina Johdr19/2 1810Hult Parish, Jönköping
1852.038John P. Miller11S. Johan Peter7/6 1835Mellby Parish, Jönköping
1852.040Mrs. Charles (Carolina M.) Swanson11D. Caroline Mathilda16/12 1840America
1852.041Andrew G. Miller11S. Anders Gustaf20/4 1843Mellby Parish, Jönköping
1852.042Carl Miller11S. Carl August6/12 1845Mellby Parish, Jönköping
1852.043Christina Miller11D. Christina Sophia8/9 1849Mellby Parish, Jönköping
1850.060Magnus Baker12Swen Magn. Johanss. Baker21/4 1826Hult Parish, Jönköping
1851.004Mrs. Magnus (Louisa A.) Baker12H. Anna Lovisa Andersdr21/10 1836Vimmerby Stadsförsamling, Kalmar
i1059William Henry Baker12S. William Henry5/8 1855America
i1060Mary Janna Baker12D. Mary Janna19/8 1857America
1850.016Peter Sims13Peter Simonsson15/11 1805Pelarne Parish, Kalmar
1850.017Mrs. Peter (Christina) Sims13H. Maja Stina Jeremiasdr24/2 1810Norra Vi, Östergötland
1850.020Carl Peter Simonsson13S. Carl Peter11/4 1837Lönneberga Parish, Kalmar
1850.021Fredrica Maria Simonsson13D. Fredrica Maria3/4 1842Lönneberga Parish, Kalmar
1850.022William Simonsson13S. Swen Magnus10/12 1844Lönneberga Parish, Kalmar
1850.023Albert Simonsson13S. Gustaf Albert21/12 1847Lönneberga Parish, Kalmar
i1085Josefina Simonsson (child)13D. Josefina16/9 1850Pennsylvania
1849.036Samuel Samuelson14Samuel Samuelss.26/5 1819Pelarne Parish, Kalmar
1849.037Mrs. Samuel (Mary) Samuelson14H. Maja Stina Samueldr18/2 1817Hässleby Parish, Jönköping
1849.038Charles J. Samuelson14S. Carl Johan Oscar5/5 1842Pelarne Parish, Kalmar
1849.039Christina Samuelson14D. Christina Lovisa31/1 1844Hässleby Parish, Jönköping
1849.04Caroline J. SamuelsonD. Carolina Josefina2/5 1846Hässleby Parish, Jönköping
1849.041Mary J. Samuelson14D. Johanna Maria8/12 1848Hässleby Parish, Jönköping
i0382Samuel E. Samuelson14S. Samuel14/5 1851America
i0383Josephine Samuelson14D. Josefina4/8 1854America
1851.074Lars Samuelson15Lars Samuelss.19/9 1814Pelarne Parish, Kalmar
1851.075Mrs. Lars (Stina L.) Samuelson15H. Stina Lena Persdr25/2 1815Södra Vi Parish, Kalmar
1851.076John Peter Samuelson15S. Johan Peter28/9 1839Södra Vi Parish, Kalmar
1851.077Samuel A. Samuelson15S. Samuel August20/3 1841Södra Vi Parish, Kalmar
1851.078Delos Alfred Samuelson15S. Lars Alfrid28/4 1843Södra Vi Parish, Kalmar
1851.079Mrs. James P. (Ida Christine) Mickelson15D. Ida Christina18/12 1845Södra Vi Parish, Kalmar
1851.080David M. Samuelson15S. David Melchor28/12 1848Södra Vi Parish, Kalmar
1851.081Mrs. John A. (Matilda C.) Akins15D. Charlotta Mathilda28/12 1848Södra Vi Parish, Kalmar
i0460Mrs. Fredrick (Albertina) Nemeyer15D. Albertina10/9 1851America
i0461Sarah Augusta Samuelson15D. Sara Augusta11/2 1854America
1851.066Lars Magnus Lawson16Lars Magn. Larss.3/5 1820Vimmerby landsförsamling, Kalmar
1851.067Mrs. Lars M. (Louisa) Lawson16H. Britta Lovisa Larsdr25/3 1812Pelarne Parish, Kalmar
1851.068Mrs. Henry (Anna) Kaltenbach16D. Anna Catrina14/3 1840Pelarne Parish, Kalmar
1851.069Mrs. Charles (Ida) Kaltenbach16D. Ida Christina13/2 1845Djursdala Parish, Kalmar
1851.070August Lawson16S. Samuel August31/1 1848Lönneberga Parish, Kalmar
i0960Charles Lawson16S. Carl Johan 6/9 1851America
i0961George Lawson16S. Jod Henry16/11 1854America
1851.049Peter J. Johnson17Peter Johannes Jonsson20/11 1815Lönneberga Parish, Kalmar
1851.050Mrs. Peter J. (Mary) Johnson17H. Maria Christina Larsdr31/7 1811Vimmerby Parish, Kalmar
1851.051Christina Lovisa Johnson17D. Christina Lovisa20/8 1838Lönneberga Parish, Kalmar
1851.053Anna Charlotta Johnson17D. Anna Charlotta15/10 1842Lönneberga Parish, Kalmar
1851.054Jane Johnson17D. Eugenia5/11 1845Lönneberga Parish, Kalmar
1852.025Gustus Johnson18Gustaf Johansson2/3 1821Lönneberga Parish, Kalmar
1852.026Mrs. Gustus (Christine) Johnson18H. Christina Samuelsdr5/4 1823Pelarne Parish, Kalmar
1852.027Louisa Johnson18D. Anna Lovisa8/6 1844Pelarne Parish, Kalmar
1852.028Lucian J. Johnson18S. Lars Johan29/6 1846Lönneberga Parish, Kalmar
1852.029Augustus Johnson18S. Bror August27/2 1849Pelarne Parish, Kalmar
1852.030Oscar Johnson18S. Samuel Oscar6/9 1851Pelarne Parish, Kalmar
i1094Frank Johansson18S. Frank1/4 1854America
i1095Henry Johnson18S. Gustaf Henry23/7 1856America
1849.020Lars Lawson19Lars Larsson21/1 1807Hässleby Parish, Jönköping
1849.002Mrs. Lars (Ellen) Lawson19H. Lena Jonsdr8/10 1813Västra Eneby Parish, Östergötland
1849.022Mrs. Augustus (Matilda H.) Lawson19D. Johanna Mathilda8/3 1838Hässleby Parish, Jönköping
1849.023John P. Lawson19S. Johan Peter16/6 1840Hässleby Parish, Jönköping
1849.024Mrs. George A. (Anna) Lindquist19D. Anna Lovisa25/3 1844Hässleby Parish, Jönköping
1849.025William Lawson Thorpe19S. Lars Wilhelm1/1 1847Hässleby Parish, Jönköping
i0398Mrs. (Martha A.) Wright19D. Martha Anna14/8 1849America
i0394Mrs. (Sarah C.) Swanson19D. Sarie Charlotta31/3 1853America
i1102Frans Oscar Lawson19S. Frans Oscar20/5 1855America
1849.004Mrs. John (Lena) Brant19D. Carolina Alber. Jacobsdr6/1 1841Kisa Parish, Östergötland
1849.003Nils Johan Jacobsson19S. Nils Johan Jacobss24/10 1842Kisa Parish, Östergötland
1852.160Adolph Anderson20Jonas Adolf Anderss.19/7 1812Asby Parish, Östergötland
1852.161Mrs. Adolph (Carrie) Anderson20H. Catharina Nilsdr10/2 1812Säby Parish, Jönköping
1852.162Anders Gustaf Anderson20S. Anders Gustaf24/5 1837Torpa Parish, Östergötland
1852.163Mrs. Olof (Mary L.) Malmsten20D. Maria Lovisa16/11 1840Torpa Parish, Östergötland
1852.165Charles August Anderson20S. Carl August17/1 1842Asby Parish, Östergötland län
1852.164Mrs. John A. (Clara M.) Hale20D. Clara Mathilda14/3 1844Norra Vi Parish, Östergötland
1852.166Charlotta Anderson20D. Anna Charlotta2/3 1850Sund Parish, Östergötland
i1114Edward Oscar Anderson20S. Edward Oscar16/4 1856America
1851.146Philip O. Johnson21Otto Philip Jonsson30/12 1833Hässleby Parish, Jönköping
1849.011John Nelson22Johannes Nilsson13/11 1811Kisa Parish, Östergötland
1855.010Mrs. John (Mary) Nelson22H. Maria Johansdr5/4 1826Hässleby Parish, Jönköping
1846.001Samuel Dahl23Samuel Petersson Dahl4/6 1819Lönneberga Parish, Kalmar
1849.005Anna Maria Pehrsdotter23H. Anna Maria1821Kisa Parish, Östergötland
23S. Johan Pehr1841Clerical error corrected by Swensson, see Family No. 52 (Samuel Petersson)
i0347Mrs. Augustus (Elizabeth C.) Lawson23D. Christina Elisabeth31/3 1852America
23D. Lena Lovisasee Family No. 52
i1050Mrs. August (Mary A.) Lund23D. Maria Anna12/9 1853America
23D. Carolina Christina see Family No. 52
23S. Samuel Augustsee Family No. 52
1850.024Sven J. Simpson24Swen Joh. Simonss.6/10 1816Pelarne Parish, Kalmar
1850.025Mrs. Sven J. (Maja Lena) Simpson24H. Maja Lena Larsdr3/4 1820Hässleby Parish, Jönköping
1850.026Anna Sophia Svensdotter24D. Anna Sophia21/5 1839Pelarne Parish, Kalmar
1850.027Carolina Swensdotter24D. Carolina4/9 1845Pelarne Parish, Kalmar
1850.028John Simpson24S. Johan Peter12/4 1847Pelarne Parish, Kalmar
1849.043John Edmon25Johan Edman20/3 1793Oppeby Parish, Östergötland
i1126Catharina Zachariasdotter25H. Catrina Lowing21/6 1805Västra Ryd Parish, Östergötland
i1127Carl Johan Hesselgren25S. Carl Johan Heselgren3/5 1845Västra Ryd Parish, Östergötland
1848.006Andrew P. Johnson26Anders Pet. Jönsson5/10 1821Hässleby Parish, Jönköping
1849.016Mrs. Andrew P. (Louisa) Johnson26H. Anna Lovisa17/8 1833Ljung Parish, Östergötland
i1128Rovando Johnson26S. Lovando13/11 1852America
i0143Adefine Mathilda Johnson26D. Adelfine Mathilda13/2 1855America
1850.055John Baker27Anders Joh. Johanson Baker 24/11 1815Hult Parish, Jönköping
1850.056Mrs. John (Elizabeth) Baker27H. Eva Lisa Nilsdr14/8 1817Mellby Parish, Jönköping
1850.057John Odell Baker27S. Johan Adolf12/3 1841Mellby Parish, Jönköping
1850.058Mathilda Baker27D. Amalia Mathilda Christina4/1 1843Mellby Parish, Jönköping
1850.059Augustus Baker27S. Nils Gustaf26/7 1847Ingatorp Parish, Jönköping
i1133Mrs. Sarah Schou27D. Sarie Elisabeth28/7 1851America
i1135Albert Baker27S. Albert24/6 1855America
i1134Lawrence Baker27S. Andrew Lorentz4/3 1857America
1852.064Peter Brown28Peter Isacsson20/9 1801Ingatorp Parish, Jönköping
1852.065Mrs. Peter (Anna Lena) Brown28H. Anna Helena Andersdr24/7 1812Mellby Parish, Jönköping
1852.066Mrs. Philip O. (Josephine) Johnson28D. Catrina Helena Josefina1/6 1837Ingatorp Parish, Jönköping
1852.067Alfred J. Brown28S. Peter Johan Alfred12/10 1842Ingatorp Parish, Jönköping
1851.087Delos F. Johnson29Lars Fredr. Johanss.13/11 1827Nykil Parish, Östergötland
1855.009Mrs. Delos F. (Caroline) Johnson29H. Lena Carolina Johansdr.10/2 1830Hässleby Parish, Jönköping
i1147Charles J. Johnson29S. Carl Johan21/6 1857America
1851.055John Lawson30Johan Larss.13/8 1810Lönneberga Parish, Kalmar
1851.056Mrs. John (Sara C.) Lawson30H. Sara Petersdr2/12 1803Lönneberga Parish, Kalmar
1851.058Mrs. John (Caroline) Samuelson30D. Carolina29/9 1840Lönneberga Parish, Kalmar
1851.130Johan Lantz31Johan Larsson Lantz6/5 1816Västra Ryd Parish, Östergötland
1851.131Anna Greta Olofsdotter31H. Annagreta Olofdr 31/3 1818Ingatorp Parish, Jönköping
1851.132Mathilda Carolina Landtz31D. Mathilda Carolina22/9 1845
1851.133Gustafva Clara Landtz31D. Clara Gustava 7/1 1847Ingatorp Parish, Jönköping
i1157John William Lantz31S. Job William1/10 1851America
i1158Anders Johan Lantz31S. Anders Johan10/10 1853America
i1159Phillip Simon Lantz31S. Philipp Simon14/4 1855America
i1160Emma Wilhemina Lantz31D. Emma Wilhelmina8/12 1856America
1849.042Carl Fredrik Edmon32Carl Fredr Edman17/11 1802Slaka Parish, Östergötland
1851.016Andrew Peter Anderson33Anders Peter Anderss.10/2 1817Kråkshult parish, Jönköping
1851.017Mrs. John (Magdalena) Morris33H. Maja Lena Lofving16/8 1818Sund Parish, Östergötland
1851.018John Oscar Anderson33S. Johan Oscar10/4 1846Södra Vi Parish, Kalmar
1851.019August Alfred Anderson33S. August Alfred16/11 1848Vimmerby Stadsförsamling, Kalmar
i1168Charley W. Anderson33S. Carl Wilhelm22/10 1851Pennsylvania
i1169Albert Anderson33S. Albert7/12 1854Pennsylvania
1851.096Nels Anderson34Nils Mag. Anderss. Örn20/6 1813Tidersrum Parish, Östergötland
1852.057Mrs. Nels (Anna) Anderson34H. Anna Brita Gustafdr26/6 1823Kisa Parish, Östergötland
1851.097Mrs. Nels (Christine G.) Anderson34H. Christina Andersdotter25/2 1814Locknevi Parish, Kalmar
1852.058Mary Lake34D. Anna Maria Carlsdr18/1 1848Locknevi Parish, Kalmar
1851.098Gustaf Alfried Nilsson34S. Gust. Alfred31/10 1839Tidersrum Parish
i1173Eva C. Lake34D. Eva Carolina Carlsdr8/9 1853America
1851.099Augustus Anderson34S. Johan August15/8 1842Tidersrum Parish
i1774Albert Lake34S. Albert Carlss20/1 1856America
i1181Mathilda Anderson34D. Mathilda4/4 1852America
i1622Carl Magnus Anderson34S. Carl Magnus28/2 1857America
1851.082Magnus Peter Johnson35Magn. Petr Johansson2/3 1821Nykil Parish, Östergötland
1851.083Mrs. M. P. (Christene) Johnson35H. Christina11/5 1824Ulrika Parish, Östergötland
1851.084Charles John Johnson35S. Carl Johan23/8 1844Nykil Parish, Östergötland
1851.085Mrs. Saloman A. (Clara Charlotta) Robinson35D. Clara Charlotta31/1 1848Nykil Parish, Östergötland
1851.086Mrs. Hans (Anna Louisa) McKitrick35D. Anna Lovisa18/11 1849Nykil Parish, Östergötland
i0090Augustus F. Johnson35S. August15/12 1851America
i1184Mrs. Worthy Putnam (Tillie) Stanford35Christina Mathilda14/10 1853America
1849.008Peter Hanson36Peter Hansson31/12 1817Horn Parish, Östergötland
1849.009Mrs. Peter (Sophia) Hanson36H. Anna Sofia Erlandr2/10 1818Rönö Parish, Östergötland
i0407Charles J. Hanson36S. Carl Johan August24/1 1850America
i0408 Anna A. Hanson36D. Anna Sofia Adlion15/5 1854America
1851.144Peter Lindholm37Peter Perss. Lindholm7/8 1797Tjärstad Parish, Östergötland
1851.145Mrs. Peter (Sarah) Lindholm37Sara Maja Månsdr16/12 1796Oppeby Parish, Östergötland
1852.238John P Hendricks38Johan P. Henricks18/3 1835Järeda Parish, Jönköping
1852.039Mrs. John P. (Anna) Hendricks38H. Anna Charlotta30/8 1838Mellby Parish, Jönköping
i1192Charles F. Hendricks38Carl Ferd. Henricsson6/10 1856America
i1193Charles Magnusson39Carl Magn. Månss.14/10 1818Målilla Parish, Kalmar
i1194Mrs. Charles (Anna) Magnusson39H. Anna Jonsdr20/1 1798Lönneberga [sic]
1852.099Charles Neil40Carl Joh. Hjelm5/6 1820Målilla Parish, Kalmar
1852.100Mrs. Charles (Louisa) Neil40H. Lovisa Maria Swensdr20/5 1820Järeda Parish, Jönköping
1852.101Sophia Neil40D. Carolina Sophia4/3 1845Järeda Parish, Jönköping
1852.102Mrs. Samuel (Emma) Arnont40D. Emma5/3 1848Järeda Parish, Jönköping
1852.103Charles Oscar Neil40S. Carl Oscar4/7 1849Järeda Parish, Jönköping
1852.104Johan August Neil40Johan Augustus F27/12 1851Järeda Parish, Jönköping
i0821Joseph Neil40S. Josef9/3 1853America
1851.088Elias Sanbury41Elias Sandberg18/2 1812Hässleby Parish, Jönköping
1851.089Mrs Elias (Charlotte) Sandberg41Stina Lotta Berg20/6 1822Hässleby Parish, Jönköping. Their two children are inexplicably ommitted on this list.
1852.192Carl Fredrik Berg42Carl Berg9/5 1825Hässleby Parish, Jönköping. This entry (without birthdate or place) is most likely Carl Berg's son, brother of Stina Lotta Berg
43Not used
1852.193Augustus Jonsson44August Jonsson8/3 1835Hässleby Parish, Jönköping
i1202Isaac Nelson45Isak Nilsson11/10 1818Kisa Parish, Östergötland
i1203Mrs. Isaac (Ellen) Nelson45H. Ingalena Persdr5/5 1821Vimmerby landsförsamling, Kalmar
i1206John Nelson45S. Johan August26/3 1844Linkoping
i1207Charles Nelson45S. Carl9/5 1849Kisa Parish, Östergötland
 i1205Lena Nelson45D. Anna Carolina9/12 1853Kisa Parish, Östergötland
1852.094Adolph F. Neil46Adolf Fr. Nihl8/12 1822Målilla Parish, Kalmar
1852.095Mrs. A.F. (Anna K.) Neil46H. Anna Catrina Hellgren14/11 1825Järeda Parish, Jönköping
i0845John F. Neil46S. Jon Fredrick15/6 1853America
i0846Emma Christina Neil46D. Emma Christina7/10 1855America
1852.031Charles Peterson47Carl Johan Prosit3/8 1817Järeda Parish, Jönköping
1852.032Mrs. Charles (Louisa) Peterson47H. Anna Lovisa Fredtr24/4 1820Virserum Parish, Kalmar
i1212William Peterson47S. Wilhelm5/12 1852America
1852.033Mathilda Peterson47D. Gustafva Mathilda18/3 1843Järeda Parish, Jönköping
1852.034Christine Peterson47D. Christina Maria1/5 1846Järeda Parish, Jönköping
1852.035John Peterson47S. Johan Alfred4/2 1849Järeda Parish, Jönköping
i1216Johan Fredrik Larsson48Johan Fr. Larsson[no date][no birthplace]
1851.103Isaac W. Agrelius49Isack Wilhelm Agrelius27/5 1809Järstad Parish, Östergötland
1851.104Mrs. Isaac (Inga C.) Agrelius49H. Ingastina Persdr6/9 1810Vireda Parish, Jönköping
1851.109Mrs. George (Eva C.) Watson49D. Eva Christina1/12 1836Järstad Parish, Östergötland
1851.105John W. Agrelius49S. Johan Wilhelm2/11 1838Järstad Parish, Östergötland
1851.106Charles G. Agrelius49S. Carl Gustaf26/12 1840Järstad Parish, Östergötland
1851.107Andrew P. Agrelius49S. Anders Peter23/7 1843Järstad Parish, Östergötland
1851.108Otto Markus Agrelius49S. Otto Marcus7/4 1851Järstad Parish, Östergötland
i1217August E. Agrelius49S. August Eugenus7/3 1854America
1852.010Lars August Johnson50Lars August Jonsson15/5 1830Vimmerby Parish, Kalmar
1852.011Mrs. Lars (Elizabeth) Johnson50Anna Lisa Andersdr21/8 1832Frödinge Parish, Kalmar län
1852.012August Johnson50Jonas August29/8 1850Vimmerby Parish, Kalmar
i1221Christine Johnson50Maria Charlotta6/6 1852America
i1222Matilda Johnson50Wilhelmina Josefina27/1 1854America
i1223Charles Johnson50Carl Fredric20/5 1855America
1852.130Andrew J. Hultberg51Anders Joh. Hultberg6/12 1820Södra Vi Parish, Kalmar
1852.131Mrs. Andrew J. (Anna Lovisa) Hultberg51H. Anna Lovisa Johansdr5/1 1831Vimmerby landsförsamling, Kalmar
i1224John E. Hultberg51S. Joh. Edward4/2 1854America
1851.060Samuel Peterson52Samuel Peterson24/8 1813Lönneberga Parish, Kalmar
1851.061Mrs. Samuel (Carrie) Peterson52H. Carolina3/5 1823Lönneberga Parish, Kalmar
1851.065John Peterson52S. Johan Peter1/22/1841Lönneberga Parish, Kalmar
1851.062Mrs. John A. (Louise) Johnson52D. Lena Lovisa25/4 1845Lönneberga Parish, Kalmar
i2013Mary Peterson 52D. Maria Anna[no date][no birthplace]
1851.063Caroline Peterson52D. Carolina Christina 1848Lönneberga Parish, Kalmar
1851.064Augustus Peterson52S. Samuel August1850Lönneberga Parish, Kalmar

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