1856 Wrightsville Congregation List

Notes: The Wrightsville congregation list included 75 individuals: immigrants and first-generation Swedish American children. He identified Wrightsville and Frewsburg as places where members of this congregation lived. 

The errors in Swensson's list have been corrected with documented birth dates and places that are shown in bold italics. Listings in this database that are highlighted in pink indicate that these individuals/families are missing important documentation (i.e., arrival in the U.S.).

Database ReferenceSwensson household census
No.Immigrant NameNo.NameBirth DateBirth Place
1851.171P. Gustaf Peterson1Peter Gust. Petersson16/4 1819Dalhem Parish, Kalmar
1851.172Mrs. Peter G. (Stina Catharina) Peterson1H. Catrina Swesndr26/3 1819Vist Parish, Östergötland
1850.041John Lake2Jonas Sjö13/12 1807Högsby Parish, Kalmar
1850.042Mrs. John (Helena) Lake2H. Lena Olafsdr7/1 1798Bellö Parish, Jönköping
1850.044John M. Lake2S. Johan Magnus15/10 1836Hässleby Parish, Jönköping
1850.045Helen Lake2D. Johanna Lena2/7 1841Hässleby Parish, Jönköping
1851.048John P. Sampson3Johan P. Samuelsson16/6 1827Lönneberga Parish, Kalmar
1850.043Mrs. John P. (Christine) Sampson 3H. Christina Sjö23/12 1833Hässleby Parish, Jönköping
i1228Sampson, Henry3S. Henry1/2 1854America
i1229Sampson, Emelia3D. Amelia26/12 1855America
1850.036John Lind4Johannes Johannesson Lind2/6 1813Ingatorp Parish, Jönköping
1850.037Mrs. John (Susanna) Lind4H. Susanna Petersdr13/6 1813Hässleby Parish, Jönköping
1850.038Stina Catharina Johansdotter Lind4D. Christina Catrina22/3 1842Hässleby Parish, Jönköping
1850.039Mrs. Robert (Johanna) McKay4D. Johanna2/3 1844Hässleby Parish, Jönköping
1850.040Mrs. Albert (Anna Greta) Kellogg4D. Anna Greta12/7 1847Hässleby Parish, Jönköping
i1236Julie Marie Lind4D. Julie Mary14/9 1853America
i1237Emelia Lind4D. Emelia 28/8 1855America
i1256Peter Monson5Peter Månsson21/8 1816Svinhult Parish, Östergötland
i1257Mrs. Peter (Margaret) Monson5H. Greta Samuelsdr2/1 1816Ingatorp Parish, Jönköping
i1258Peter J. Monson5S. Peter Johan15/3 1851Ingatorp Parish, Jönköping
i1259Samuel Monson5S. Samuel21/8 1855America
1849.032John Peter Tinnerstedt6Johan Peter Tinnerstet17/8 1817Rumskulla Parish, Kalmar
1849.033Mrs. John Peter (Maria Christina) Tinnerstedt6H. Maria Chr. Johansdr6/7 1817Rumskulla Parish, Kalmar
1855.001H. Peter Lind7Hans Peter Johansson27/9 1808Ingatorp Parish, Jönköping
1855.002Mrs. Peter (Sarah M.) Lind7H. Sara Maria Andersdr23/10 1815Vimmerby Parish, Kalmar
1855.003Mrs. Charles (Mary Ann) Sandberg7D. Anna Maria16/1 1838Ingatorp Parish, Jönköping
1855.004Mrs. August (Christina) Neal7D. Stina Karin28/8 1839Ingatorp Parish, Jönköping
1855.005Peter J. Lind7D. Peter Johan6/5 1843Hässleby Parish, Jönköping
1855.006Charles Lind7S. Carl August1/12 1844Hässleby Parish, Jönköping
1855.007John Lind7S. Johannes24/6 1847Hässleby Parish, Jönköping
1855.008Frank Lind7S. Anders Fredrick13/3 1849Hässleby Parish, Jönköping
i1254Albert Lind (child)7S. Albert1/9 1856America
1852.068Jonas Johnson8Jonas Jonsson30/5 1816Kråkshult parish, Jönköping
1852.069Mrs. Jonas (Johanna) Johnson8H. Johanna Petersdr30/11 1819Alseda parish, Jönköping
1852.070John Johnson8S. Jonas Peter25/11 1847Kråkshult parish, Jönköping
1852.071Anna C. Johnson8D. Anna Catrina6/11 1848Kråkshult parish, Jönköping
i1264Delos A. Johnson8S. Lars Andrew15/6 1855America
i1265Christina Johnson8D. Christina Sofia21/9 1857America
1852.074Jonas Jonsson8Jonas Jonsson22/4 1794Kråkshult parish, Jönköping
1852.044Augustus Anderson9Joh. Gust. Anderss.9/4 1809Bellö Parish, Jönköping
1852.045Mrs. Augustus (Anna) Anderson9H. Anna Greta Andersdr18/6 1807Södra Vi Parish, Kalmar
1852.046John Anderson9S. Johan Gustaf18/8 1838Hult Parish, Jönköping
1852.047Charles Magnus Anderson9S. Carl Magnus30/5 1845Hult Parish, Jönköping
1852.048Jonas Anderson9S. Jonas Peter1/7 1842Hult Parish, Jönköping
1852.049Anna Anderson9D. Anna Catrina15/10 1848Hult Parish, Jönköping
1852.167Charles Sodergren10Carl Södergren19/11 1818Trehörna Parish, Östergötland
1852.168Mrs. Charles (Susanna M.) Sodergren10H. Susanna Jönsdr19/3 1817Kumla Parish, Östergötland
1852.140John Kron11Johan Peter Krön14/8 1825Sund Parish, Östergötland
1852.073Mrs. John (Mary) Crown11H. Anna Maria Kask28/10 1830Karlstorp Parish, Jönköping
i1284Henry Kron11S. Henry25/9 1855[no location]
i1285Matilda Josefina Kron11D. Mathilda Josefina25/6 1857Frewsburg
1852.274John Jacobson12Johan Pet. Jacobss.15/11 1833[no location]
1854.013Mrs. John (Caroline) Jacobs13H. Carolina Andersdr29/1 1834Rök Parish, Östergötland
1855.011 Fredrika Samuelsdotter, 14Fredrica Samuelsdr14/1 1831Hässleby Parish, Jönköping
1855.012Johanna Samuelsdotter15Johanna Samuelsdr10/12 1838Hässleby Parish, Jönköping
1851.100Johan Magnus Johansson16Johan Magnus Johanss.24/9 1825Horn Parish, Jönköping
1851.101Stina Maja Carlsdotter16H. Stina Maja Carlsdr8/6 1826Djursdala Parish, Kalmar
1851.102Carl Johan Johansson16S. Carl Johan2/9 1851Djursdala Parish, Kalmar
i1293William Johansson 16S. William7/8 1854America
1852.194Anderson, Charles17Carl Andersson21/10 1814Norra Vi Parish, Östergötland
1852.195Anderson, Mrs. Charles (Betsy)17H. Britta Maja Nilsdr2/8 1814Tidersrum Parish, Östergötland
1852.196Anderson, Augustus17S. Johan August13/6 1841Tidersrum Parish, Östergötland
1852.197Mrs. John M. (Louise) Lake17D. Stina Lovisa9/3 1845Södra Vi Parish, Kalmar
1852.198Allen, Mrs. Henry (Augusta)17D. Gustava Sofia24/1 1847Södra Vi Parish, Kalmar
1852.199Mrs. Charles (Caroline) Hokanson17D. Carolina4/9 1849Södra Vi Parish, Kalmar

See duplicate listing above17Gossen Joh. Aug. Johans.13/6 1841Tidersrum Parish, Östergötland
1854.017Christina Albertina Sandberg18Christina Albertina Hansdotter Sandberg20/1 1835Harstad Parish, Östergötland

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