1860 Warren County

The Swedish community in Warren County just prior to the Civil War was based largely on the expanding farm land cleared from the forests.  Chandlers Valley was developing into a majority Swedish community. Most tradesmen were located in the rapidly growing village of Jamestown.

An important change shown by the 1860 enumeration was the absence of many of the pioneer Swedish families in Sugar Grove township. One of the earliest families to leave was Eric and Lena Louisa Anderson who left in 1855 for Minnesota. Germund and Catherine Johnson, the first family to settle in Warren County, left in 1857.  Their two oldest daughters remained in the area until about 1862 when they joined their parents in Vasa, Goodhue County, Minnesota.

Entries highlighted in yellow indicate verified errors in the enumeration or entries that are in question.

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Database Reference1860 United States Census - Warren County, Pennsylvania
No.Immigrant NameEDNo.NameAgeSexBirthNotes
1851.194John Wright
Broken- straw
John Wright60MSWE
1851.195Mrs. John (Mary C.) WrightChristena Wright56FSWE
1851.196Mrs. John P. (Christina) LawsonChristena Wright15FSWE
1851.103Isaac W. Agrelius
Broken- straw
Isaac Agrelius51MSWE
1851.104Mrs. Isaac W. (Inga C.) AgreliusInes C Agrelius50FSWE
1851.109Mrs. Geoge (Eva C.) WatsonEva Agrelius23FSWE
1851.105John W. AgreliusJohn Agrelius21MSWE
1851.106Charles G. AgreliusCharles Agrelius19MSWE
1851.107Andrew P. AgreliusAndrew Agrelius17MSWE
1851.109Mrs. Jacob (Clara M.) ChristianCalra Agrelius12FSWE
1851.110Otto Markus AgreliusMarcus Agrelius9MSWE
1851.085possibly Mrs. Saloman A. (Clara Charlotta) Robinson Colum- bus21Lottie Fritz13FSWEhousehold of Marcus White
1853.024Peter Johnson
Colum- bus
Peter Johnson46MSWE
1853.025Mrs. Peter (Helen Caroline) JohnsonEllen C Johnson47FSWE
1853.026John JohnsonJohn Johnson14MSWE
1853.027Andrew Gustav JohnsonAndrew Johnson10MSWE
i2005Alfred F. JohnsonAlfred Johnson6MPA
i3071Gustavus Nelson
Colum- bus
Gustavus Nelson34MSWE
i3066Charles NelsonCharles (Nelson)32MSWE
i3067Matilda NelsonMathilda (Nelson)25MSWE
i3068John NelsonJohn (Nelson)4MSWE
i3069Augustus NelsonAugustus Nelson2MPA
1851.152S.P. Jones
Colum- bus
Espy Jones58MSWE
1851.153Mrs. S.P. (Anna) JonesAnna Jones54FSWE
1851.181Andrew F. JonesAndrew Jones53MSWE
1852.154Augustus JonesGustus Jones23MSWE
1852.156Mrs. Thomas (Evaline) SampleEveline Jones16FSWE
1852.157Mrs. Charles (Estelle) FritzEstelle Jones12FSWE
1852.158Otto JonesOtto Jones9MSWE
1852.159Oscar W. JonesOtto Jones7MAt Sea
i2927Andrew Mulberry
Colum- bus
Andrew Malbyrey45MSWE
i2928Mrs. Andrew (Betsy) MulberryBetsey Malbyrey39FSWE
i2929John A. MulberryJohn Malbyrey9MSWE
i2930Mary E. MulberryMary Malbyrey7FNY
1852.171John Peterson
Colum- bus
Jonas Peter36MSWE
Birth of Hilda not indicated on ship's manifest
1852.172Mrs. John (Emilie) PetersonEliza (Peter)36FSWE
i1736Hilda PetersonHilda (Peter)7FAt Sea
i1737Anthony PetersonJames (Peter)5MPA
i2852Axel LumbergColum- bus253Axel Lumberg9MSWEhousehold of John Dewy
1847.001Otto Stenberg
Colum- bus
Otto Stenburg54MSWE
1847.002Mrs. Otto (Christina) StenbergChristina Stenburg49FSWE
i0896Esther StenbergEsther Stenburg12FNY
i0897Charlotte StenbergCharotte Stenburg10FNY
i0898Mathilda StenbergMathilda Stenburg8FNY
1851.085Mrs. Saloman A. (Clara Charlotta) RobinsonFarming -ton1069Charlotte Johnson12FSWEhousehold of Hiram Knapp
1851.074Lars Samuelson
Farming -ton
Delos Samuelson36MSWE
1851.075Mrs. Lars (Stina L.) SamuelsonChristin Samuelson35FSWE
1851.076John Peter SamuelsonJohn P Samuelson21MSWE
1851.077Samuel A SamuelsonSamuel A Samuelson20MSWE
1851.078Delos Alfred SamuelsonDelos A Samuelson18MSWE
1851.079Mrs. James P. (Ida Christine) MickelsonIda C Samuelson15FSWE
1851.081Mrs. John A. (Matilda C.) AkinCharlotte Samuelson12FSWE
1851.080David M SamuelsonDavid M Samuelson12MSWE
1850.060Magnus Baker
Farming -ton
Mangus Baker35MSWE
1850.061Mrs. Magnus (Louisa A.) BakerLouisa Baker24FSWE
i1059William Henry BakerWilliam H. Baker5MPA
i1060Mrs. Ludwig (Mary Jane) JohnsonMary J. Baker3FPA
i3072Sarah BakerSarah Baker0FPA
1849.044Peter Johnson
Farming -ton
Peter Johnson49MSWE
1851.184Mrs. Peter (Mary E.) JohnsonMary E Johnson41FSWE
i1055John P. JohnsonJohn P. Johnson3MPA
i1782Anne E. JohnsonAnn Johnson1FPA
1851.096Nels Anderson
Farming -ton
Miles Anderson48MSWE
Matilda likely born in Chandlers Valley, Warren County
1852.057Mrs. Nels (Anna) NelsonAnna Anderson37FSWE
1851.099likely John A. AndersonAugustus Anderson19MSWE
i1181Mrs. Wallace (Mathilda) Van GuilderMatilda Anderson8FSWE
i1594Mrs. Alfred (Emily) HultquistEmily Anderson1F
1851.082Magnus P. Johnson
Farming -ton
Mangus P Johnson44MSWE
1851.083Mrs. M. P. (Christene) JohnsonChristin (Johnson)40FSWE
1851.086Mrs. Hans (Anna Louisa) McKitrickAnn (Johnson)9FSWE
i0090Augustus F. JohnsonAuguste (Johnson)7MSWE
i3074Emily JohnsonEmily (Johnson)4FSWE
i3075Albert JohnsonAlbert (Johnson)2MPA
i1047Mrs. Watson L. (Libbie) HolcombElisabeth (Johnson)1FPA
1855.006possibly Charles John JohnsonFree- hold181Charles (Todd)17MSWEJohn Todd household, laborer
1850.041John Lake
Free- hold
John Lake53MSWE
1850.042Mrs. John (Helena) LakeHelen Lake47FSWE
1850.044John M. LakeJohn M Lake25MSWE
i2532Charles J. Frank
Free- hold
Charles Frank31MSWE
i2533Mrs. Charles J. (Helen) FrankJane H Frank19FSWE
i2534John FrankJohn A. Frank9mMPA
1850.036John Lind
Free- hold
John Linn46MSWE
1850.037Mrs. John (Susannah) LindSusannah Linn46FSWE
i1236Julie Marie LindMary J. Linn6FPA
i1237Emelia LindEmily Linn4FPA
i3075Charles J. Enquist
Free- hold
Charles Enggvest37MSWE
i3076Mrs. Charles (Anna) EnquistAnna M Enggwest45FSWE
i3077Clara G. EnquistClara G Enggwest11FSWE
1851.048John P. Sampson
Free- hold
John P Samson33MSWE
1850.043Mrs. John P. (Christine C.) SampsonChristianna Samson27FSWE
i2228Henry F. SampsonHenry Samson6FNY
i3079John SampsonJohn Samson2FNY
1852.001Andrew Sampson
Free- hold
Andrew Sampson36MSWE
i2820Mrs. Andrew (Hattie) SampsonHettie Sampson28FSWE
i2801Emily SampsonEmily Sampson6FNY
i2821Alfred SampsonAlfred Sampson3FNY
i2822Flora SampsonFlora Sampson2FPA
nicWilliam Clark
Free- hold
Wm. Clark22MNY
Married to an American
1850.038possibly Stina Catharina LindCatharine Clark18FSWE
1854.016Charles Sandberg
Free- hold
Charles P Sunbury27MSWE
1855.003Mrs. Charles (Mary Ann) SandbergMary A Sunbury22FSWE
1854.014Daniel SandbergDaniel Sunbury62MSWE
1852.194Charles Anderson
Free- hold
Charles Anderson46MSWE
1852.195Mrs. Charles (Betsy)Betsey Anderson46FSWE
1852.196Augustus AndersonAugust Anderson20MSWE
1852.197Mrs. John M. (Louise) LakeLouisa Anderson15FSWE
i2802Mary AndersonMary Anderson9FNY
1852.196Augustus AndersonAugustus Anderson19MSWELaborer.
1851.140Andrew JohnsonPine Grove720Andrew Johnson15MSWEhousehold of John Foster
1850.040Mrs. Albert (Anna Greta) KelloggPine Grove829Anna M Linn13FSWEhousehold of Thomas Briggs
1851.038Louise GronPine Grove903Louisa Grande18FSWEhousehold of John Russell
1851.150John Hagel
John Hagel44MSWE
1854.012Mrs. John (Hannah) HagelHannah (Hagel)33FSWE
1851.154Samuel J. HagelSaml (Hagel)18MSWE
i1307Anna Carolina HagelCarry (Hagel)4FNY
i1308Martha Lovisa HagelMartha (Hagel)2FPA
i1309Frank J. HagleFrank (Hagel)3mMPA
1855.013John Johnson
John Johnson44MSWE
i1243Mrs. John (Anna B.) JohnsonAnna Johnson46FSWE
i2072Christina JohnsonChristian Johnson15FSWE
i2073Anna JohnsonAnna Johnson13FSWE
i2074Sophia JohnsonSophia Johnson7FSWE
i2208J. Charles JohnsonCharley Johnson2MNY
1855.001H. Peter Lind
Peter Lind52MSWE
1855.002Mrs. Peter (Sarah M.) LindSarah Lind47FSWE
1855.005Peter J. LindPeter Lind15MSWE
1855.006Charles LindCharles Lind14MSWE
1855.007John LindJohn Lind12MSWE
1855.008Frank LindFrank Lind10MSWE
i1254Albert LindAlbert Lind4MPA
1849.011John Nelson
John Nelson52MSWE
1855.010Mrs. John (Mary) NelsonMary Nelson35FSWE
i3080Frank Lawson
Frank Lawson35MSWE
i3081Mrs. Frank (Cora) LawsonCora Lawson30FSWE
i3082Charles LawsonCharles Lawson3MPA
i3083Christine LawsonChristine Lawson4mFPA
1851.171P. Gustaf Peterson
Augustus Peterson41MSWE
1851.172Mrs. Gustaf (Catherine) PetersonCatharine Peterson41FSWE
i1227Frank PetersonFrank Peterson2mMPA
Not identifiedCarrie Lulemback5FSWE
i3084Charles Frank
Charles Frank25MSWE
i3085Mrs. Charles (Maria) FrankMaria (Frank)25FSWE
i3086Mary FrankMary (Frank)6FSWE
i3087Albert FrankAlbert (Frank)3MNY
i3088infant Frankinfant (Frank)4mMPA
1852.167Charles J. Sodergreen
Charles Sodergoren42MSWE
1852.168Mrs. Charles F. (Susanna M.) SodergrenSusannah Sodergoren43FSWE
1852.167Charles F. SodergreenCharlotte Sodergoren18FSWEActually Charles 18 M
1852.044Augustus Anderson
Augustus Anderson57MSWE
1852.045Mrs. Augustus (Anna) AndersonAnna Anderson54FSWE
1852.046John AndersonJohn Anderson19MSWE
1852.047Jonas AndersonJonas Anderson17MSWE
1852.048Charles AndersonCharles Anderson15MSWE
1852.049Anna AndersonAnna Anderson11FSWE
1852.069Mrs. Jonas (Johanna) Johnson
Hannah Johnson40FSWE
1852.070John JohnsonJohn Johnson12MSWE
1852.071Anna C JohnsonAnna C Johnson11FSWE
i1264Delos A. JohnsonDelos A. Johnson4MPA
i1265Christina Sofia JohnsonChristian2FPA
i1266Matilda JohnsonMatilda M1FPA
1852.074Jonas JonssonJohn Johnson66MSWE
i3090Andrew Decker
Andrew Decker24MPA
Married an American.
1849.052Mrs. Andrew (Sarah) DeckerSarah (Decker)21FSWE
i3092Auralda DeckerAuralda D. Decker2MPA
i3091Minerva DeckerMinerva7mFPA
i3015possibly John F. LawsonSpring Creek130John Lawson27MSWEhousehold of Eli Loomis, laborer
i2843Erik Johan Gustafsson
Sugar Grove
John A Johnson45MSWE
i2842Sophia JonasdotterSophia Johnson36FSWE
i2845Christina Louise GustafsonChristina Johnson10FSWE
i2846Andrew Fredrik GustafsonAndrew Johnson6MSWE
i2847Emily F. JohnsonEmily F Johnson3FSWE
i1742Andrew Peterson
Sugar Grove
Andrew Peterson36MSWE
i1744Mrs. Andrew (Christine Louise) PetersonChristina Peterson40FSWE
i1745Mrs. Adelbert (Louise H) MoonHuldah Peterson7FSWE
i1766Mrs. Elmer E. (Josephine) BoswellJosephine Peterson5FPA
1849.020Lars Lawson
Sugar Grove
Delos Lassen53MSWE
1849.002Mrs. Lars (Anna) LawsonEllen Lassen47FSWE
1849.022Mrs. Augustus (Matilda H.) LawsonMatilda Lassen22FSWE
1849.023John P. LawsonJohn Lassen20MSWE
1849.024Mrs. George A. (Anna) LindquistAnn Lassen15FSWE
i0394Mrs. (Sarah C.) SwansonSarah (Lassen)7FPA
i1102Frans Oscar LawsonFranas O.5MPA
1850.016Peter Sims
Sugar Grove
Peter Seems56MSWE
1850.017Mrs. Peter (Christina) SimsChristina Seems50FSWE
1850.022William SimsWilliam Seems14MSWE
1850.023Albert SimsAlbert Seems11MSWE
1850.025Mrs. Sven J. (Malina) Simpson
Sugar Grove
Mailie Simson36FSWE
1850.028John SimpsonJohn Simson7MSWE
i2686Phillip SimpsonPhillip (Simson)1MPA
1851.066Lars Magnus Lawson
Sugar Grove
Delos Lassen38MSWE
1851.067Mrs. Lars M. (Louisa) LawsonLouisa Lassen48FSWE
1851.070August LawsonAuguste Lassen12MSWE
i0960Charles LawsonCharles Lassen8MSWE
1852.013Peter Peterson
Sugar Grove
Peter Peterson49MSWE
1852.014Mrs. Peter (Stina Catharina) PetersonSteinkisa Peterson50FSWE
1852.015Samuel A. PetersonSamuel Peterson20MSWE
1852.016Lars PetersonDelos Peterson12MSWE
1852.017Caroline PetersonCaroline Peterson10FSWE
1851.010Andrew Swanson
Sugar Grove
Andrew Swanson48MSWE
1851.011Mrs. Andrew (Albertina) SwansonCaroline Swanson36FSWE
1851.012William SwansonWilliam Swanson17MSWE
1851.014Charles A. SwansonCharles Swanson12MSWE
i0684Emily SwansonEmily (Swanson)9FPA
i0685Frank SwansonFrank (Swanson)5MPA
i1052David Albert SwansonDavid (Swanson)3MPA
i3093John SwansonJohn (Swanson)1MPA
I1193Charles Magnusson
Sugar Grove
Charles Magnison41MSWE
I1194Mrs. Charles (Anna) MagnusonAnna Magnison64FSWE
1851.049Peter J. Johnson
Sugar Grove
Peter J Johnson44MSWE
1851.050Mrs. Peter J. (Mary) JohnsonMary Johnson49FSWE
1851.054Jane JohnsonJane Johnson15FSWE
1850.029Samuel Lawson
Sugar Grove
Saml Lassen55MSWE
1850.030Mrs. Samuel (Martha) LawsonMary Lassen50FSWE
1850.031Frederick LawsonFrederick Lassen20MSWE
1850.033Augustus LawsonEgert Lassen18MSWE
1850.032John LawsonJohn Lassen16MSWE
1850.035Oscar LawsonOscar Lassen14MSWE
i1051Samuel Henry LawsonHenrick Lassen10MSWE
1849.008Peter Hanson
Sugar Grove
Peter Hanson43MSWE
1849.009Mrs. Peter (Anna Sophia) HansonAnna S Hanson42FSWE
i0407Charles J. HansonCharles J Hanson9MSWE
i0408Anna A. HansonHannah Hanson6FSWE
i0409Edwin HansonEdwin Hanson3MPA
1857.001Peter Hall
Sugar Grove
Peter Hall55MSWE
1857.002Mrs. Peter (Christina A.) HallChristina A Hall44FSWE
1857.003Christina HallChristina Hall11FSWE
1857.004John A. HallAndrew Hall7MSWE
i2800Frederick W. HallWilliam Hall1MPA
1846.003Frederick J. Johnson
Sugar Grove
Frederick Johnson42MSWE
Caroline was born in Erie County, New York during their two-year stint working near Hamburg after arriving aboard the VIRGINIA
1846.004Mrs. Frederick J.(Charlotte) JohnsonCharlotte (Johnson)30FSWE
i0166Caroline JohnsonCaroline (Johnson)12FNL
i0167Mrs. (Josephine) SchouJosephine (Johnson) 9FPA
i0191Sarah J. JohnsonSarah (Johnson)7FPA
i0055Rev. Lawrence A. JohnstonLarson (Johnson)4MPA
i0189Frank A. JohnsonFrank (Johnson)2MPA
1852.130Andrew J. Hultberg
Sugar Grove
Andrew Holtberry32MSWE
1852.131Mrs. Andrew J. (Anna Lovisa) HultbergLouisa Holtberry30FSWE
1852.130John E. HultbergJohn (Holtberry)5MPA
1846.006Charles Johnson
Sugar Grove
Charles Johnson35MSWE
M. Carpenter
1846.002Mrs. Charles M. (Caroline) JohnsonCaroline (Johnson)33FSWE
i0193William JohnsonWilliam (Johnson)8MPA
i0194Edward JohnsonEdward F. (Johnson)6MPA
i0195Amelia JohnsonAmelia (Johnson)4FPA
i0196Alfred Leonard JohnsonAlfred (Johnson)2MPA
1851.031Magnus Hultberg
Sugar Grove
Magnus Holtberry47MSWE
1851.032Mrs. Magnus (Christina) HultbergChristina (Holtberry)45FSWE
1851.033Andrew J. HultbergAndrew J (Holtberry)17MSWE
1851.034Charles HultbergCharles M (Holtberry)14MSWE
1851.035Mrs. August (Anna) LindbladLouisa (Holtberry)12MPA
i0261Mrs. John A. (Charlotte) SwansonCharlotte (Holtberry)9MPA
i0262Albert HultbergAlbert (Holtberry)4MPA
i0263Mrs. Sarah S. CarlsonSarah (Holtberry)1MPA
1859.001Jonas Bondeson
Sugar Grove
John Bonison54MSWEVery likely grandparents with ages of grandchildren reversed.
1859.002Mrs. Jonas(Johanna) BondesonEmeline (Bonison)44FSWE
1859.015Carl J. A. SwansonCharles (Bonison)4MSWE
1859.016Christina SwansonChistina (Bonison)2FPA
i3094John Lawson
Sugar Grove
John Lassen48MSWE
i3095Mrs. John (Mary) LawsonMary Lassen50FSWE
i3096Albert LawsonAlbert (Lassen)12MSWE
i3097Mary LawsonElisabeth (Lassen)8FSWE
i3098Charles LawsonCharles (Lassen)4MPA
i3099Josephine LawsonJosephine (Lassen)2FPA
i3100Frederick Swanson
Sugar Grove
Frederick Swanson24MSWE
i3101Mrs. Frederick (Christina) SwansonChristina Swanson19FSWE
i0654John Peterson
Sugar Grove
John Peterson39MSWE
i0655Mrs. John (Brita Stina) PetersonSarah Peterson40FSWE
i0656Mrs. John (Matilda) GunnOscar Peterson7MNY
i0658Christina PetersonChristine Peterson5FNY
i0856Albert PetersonAlbert Peterson2MNY
1849.043John Edmon
Sugar Grove
John Edmonds67MSWE
i1126CatharinaCatharine Edmonds55FSWE
1851.130John Lanson
Sugar Grove
John Johnson43MSWE
Identification based on children's names and ages; George not identified.
1851.131Mrs. John (Anna Greta) LansonEmma Johnson41FSWE
Not identifiedGeorge Johnson18MSWE
i1157William J. LansonJohn Johnson8MSWE
i1158A. J. LansonAndrew6MPA
i1159Freeman R. LansonPhillip5MPA
i1160Emma LantzEmma3FPA
i2964Mrs. John (Elva) CarrAlvy2FPA
1851.173Andrew P. Gelm
Sugar Grove
Andrew Japp50MSWE
1851.174Mrs. Andrew P. (Sara Stina) GelmSarah (Japp)48FSWE
1851.175John P. GelmJohn (Japp)19MSWE
1857.025John Bondeson
Sugar Grove
John Jones24MSWE
M. Carpenter
1851.176Mrs. John P. (Charlotte) BondesonCharlotte Jones22FSWE
i3102Andrew P Ranson
Sugar Grove
Andrew P Ranson40MSWE
i3103Mrs. Andrew (Catharine) RansonCatharine Ranson41FSWE
i3104Andrew RansonAndrew Ranson14MSWE
i3105Albert RansonAlbert Ranson4MSWE
i3106Matilda RansonMatilda Ranson2FPA
i3107Charles RansonCharles Ranson1MPA
Not identifiedMary Anderson10FSWEhousehold of Andrew P. Ranson
1850.055John Baker
Sugar Grove
John Baker46MSWE
1850.056Mrs. John (Elizabeth) BakerEliza Baker43FSWE
1850.055Gustof N. BakerAugustus Baker14MSWE
1850.055Mrs. Sarah SchouSarah Baker9FSWE
Albert Baker5MPA
1855.001H. Peter Lind
Sugar Grove
Peter Linhale60MSWE
1855.002Mrs. Peter (Sarah M.) LindSarah Linhale54FSWE
1849.036Samuel Samuelson
Sugar Grove
Saml Samuelson41MSWE
1849.038Mrs. Samuel (Mary) SamuelsonChristina M. (Samuelson)43FSWE
1849.036Charles J. SamuelsonCharles O. (Samuelson)18MSWE
1849.039Christina SamuelsonChristina (Samuelson)16FSWE
1849.041Mary J. SamuelsonMary J. (Samuelson)11FSWE
i0382Samuel E. SamuelsonSamuel (Samuelson)9MPA
i0383Mrs. Lewis S. (Josephine) MickelsonJosephine (Samuelson)6FPA
i0384Mrs. William (Cassie) DelemeterCarolina (Samuelson)1FPA
1851.120John M. Akins
Sugar Grove
John Akins45MSWE
1851.121Mrs. John M. (Mary) AkinsMary Akins42FSWE
1851.124John A. AkinsJohn Akins16MSWE
1851.125Andrew AkinsAndrew Akins12MSWE
1851.126Charles AkinsCharles (Akins)10MPA
i1056Mrs. Lars (Mathilda A.) AkinsMatilda (Akins)8FPA
i1057O. William AkinsWilliam (Akins)6MPA
i1058Alfred D. AkinsAlfred (Akins)4MPA
i0069Theodore AkinsTheodor (Akins)1MPA
1851.133Mrs. A. John (Clara) PetersonSugar Grove1409Clara Lands13FSWEAsa Thomas household
Not identifiedSugar Grove1416Matilda (Blodget)6FSWEhousehold of David L. Blodget
1851.202Andrew (Peterson) Palm
Sugar Grove
Andros Peterson38MSWE
1851.203Mrs. Andrew (Inga Lena) PalmEllen Peterson35FSWE
i3110Charles PetersonCharles (Peterson)7MPA
i3111August PetersonAugust (Peterson)5MPA
i3112Henry PetesonHarry M. (Peterson)3MPA
i3113Samuel PersonSamuel (Peterson)1MPA
1851.042Charles P Jones
Sugar Grove
Charles P Jones48MSWE
1851.043Mrs. Charles P. (Helen M.) JonesEllen Jones48FSWE
1851.044Augustus W JonesAugustus W Jones18MSWE
1851.046Peter JonesPeter Jones11MSWE
i1747James JonesJames Jones8MPA
i0658Phillip JonesPhillip Jones3MPA
Not identifiedWarren103Sarah Calliart26FSWEGeorge Jones household
1846.009Mrs. William S. (Louise) GrowWarren126Louisa Johnson22FSWEhousehold of Thomas Struthers
1849.006Augustus Runbroom MerrillWarren127Augustus Runbroom14MSWEhousehold of Maria Merrill
i2877Peter RoseWarren193Peter Rose25MSWEhotel of John Hull
1847.024Ulrika Johnson Warren221Eureka Johnson19FSWEhousehold of Chas T Hequenburry
Not identifiedWarren222Joana S Lynn16FSWEhousehold of Joshua D. Summerton
Not identifiedYoungs- ville32Caroline E Lawson15FSWEhousehold of Isaac Connelly

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