These are the Swedish immigrants who arrived in 1861 and settled in Chautauqua or Warren County.  Each entry includes the reference number used in this database, the name used in this database (which will typically differ from their baptismal name in Sweden), the passenger number, manifest entry including name, age and sex, and references to their immigration.

Immigrants shown in bold type had family members already in the area.

Immigrants arriving 2 July 1861 at Castle Garden, New York City from the steamer HAMMONIA departing from Hamburg 15 June 1861

Notes: Captain H. F. Schwensen. Passengers were numbered on this manifest.
Database ReferenceManifest
No.Immigrant NameNo.Passenger NameReferences
1861.001John Nelson129Joh. Nielsson32M
Besked N:o 35 Brodderyd Rusthåll, Ödeshög Parish, Östergötlands län

Immigrants arriving 10 Jul 1861 at Boston from the barque HERMES departing from Göteborg 31 May 1861

Notes: Misspelled as the HEMIES on the manifest. Captain A.G. Mölbach, bark from Christiania, Norway. All 83 passengers listed as Swedes, Canada was listed as the final destination for 12 onboard. No deaths and no births noted. Passengers not numbered on this manifest, numbers have been assigned. Edited from transcribed manifest by Judy Smith a member of the Immigrant Ships Transcribers Guild 29 February 2012. Göteborgs Handels- Och Sjöfartstidning, 6 June 1861, p 3. "Göteborg och Klippan den 31 Maj. Följande fartyg äro gångna til sjös. Skeppen ... Hermes, Mölbach." Roughly translated: Göteborg and Klippan on 31 May. The following ships have gone to sea. The ship ... Hermes, Mölbach.

Database ReferenceManifest
No.Immigrant NameNo.Passenger NameReferences
1861.002John P. Peterson5Johan Pellsson24M
Trollhättan parish, Älvsborgs län
1861.003Anna Beata Olofsdotter6Anna B. Pellson28F
1861.004Ida C. Peterson7 Ida C. Pellsson9mF


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