These are the Swedish immigrants who arrived in 1864 and settled in Chautauqua or Warren County.  Each entry includes the reference number used in this database, the name used in this database (which will typically differ from their baptismal name in Sweden), the passenger number, manifest entry including name, age and sex, and references to their immigration.

More than 70 people emigrated from the single parish of Mörlunda in Kalmar län in 1864.  

Gustaf Carlson [1859.006] returned to Sweden and led a group of about 20 inter-related emigrants from the parishes of Magra and Bäreberg, Älvsborgs län who settled in the Mayville area.  However, the ship on which they arrived has not yet been identified.

Immigrants shown in bold type had family members already in the area.

Immigrants arriving 9 Sep 1864 at Castle Garden, New York City from the steamship PRINZ ALBERT departing from Hamburg

Notes: Passengers were numbered on this manifest. Transport of 285 passengers, approximately 10% Swedes.
Database ReferenceManifest
No.Immigrant NameNo.Passenger NameReferences
1864.001Charles Erickson86C. Erickson42M
Besked N:o 35, Thurlanda No. 10, Mörlunda Parish, Kalmar. Manifest does not list Amanda.
1864.002Mrs. Charles J. (Carolina) Erickson87Caroline Erickson30F
1864.003Ida Erickson88Ida (Erickson)9F
1864.004Mathilda Erickson89Mathilda (Erickson)7F
1864.005Emily Erickson90Emilie (Erickson)4F
1864.006Amanda Ericksonnic

1864.007J. Augustus Erickson91Ausgust (Erickson)infM

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