These are the Swedish immigrants who arrived in 1851 and settled in Chautauqua or Warren County.  Each entry includes the reference number used in this database, the name used in this database (which will typically differ from their baptismal name in Sweden), the passenger number, manifest entry including name, age and sex, and references to their immigration. 

Immigrants shown in bold type had family members already in the area.

Immigrants arriving 10 June 1851 aboard the brig MINONA in Boston from Göteborg 

Notes: Passengers were numbered on the manifest. Transport of 66 Passengers, no deaths, 1 birth listed.

Database ReferenceManifest
No.Immigrant NameNo.Passenger NameReferences
1851.165John Anderson32Joh. Andersson37M
Emigration from Tåftared, Hudene parish, Älvsborgs län (Besked N:o 5)
1851.166Mrs. John (Hanna) Anderson33Johna. Andersdr.36F
1851.167August Anderson34Gustaf (Anderson)8M
1851.168Andrew Anderson35Anders (Anderson)4M
1851.169Christine M. Anderson36Britta Stina (Anderson)6F
1851.170Anna Anderson37Anna Lena (Anderson)6mF
1851.001Andrew P. Peterson38Anders Peterson43M
Emigration from Gustavsberg, Vimmerby Stadsförsamling, Kalmar; Anders "born on passage"
1851.002Mrs. Andrew P. (Mary C.) Peterson39Mary Peterson40F
1851.003Sara Stina Andersdotter40Sarah Peterson18F
1851.004Mrs. Magnus (Louisa A.) Baker41Anna Peterson15F
1851.005Maria Charlotta Andersdotter42Mary Peterson12F
1851.006Mrs. Frederick A. (Caroline M) Gron43Hilda Peterson3F
1851.007Lisa Johanna Andersdotter44Johanna Peterson5F
1851.008Peter J. Peterson45John Peterson9M
1851.009Andrew Peterson46Anders Peterson1½mM
1851.010Andrew Swanson47A. P. Swenson49M
Besked N:o 8, Korkatorp, Södra Vi Parish, Kalmar län; Albertina's step-sister, Mrs. Peter (Christina) Sims, emigrated in 1850 to Sugar Grove; Magnus was the father of Albertina.
1851.011Mrs. Andrew (Albertina) Swanson48Albertina Swenson27F
1851.012William Swanson49Swen Swenson9M
1851.013John Swanson50John Swenson5M
1851.014Charles A. Swanson51Chas. Swenson2M
1851.015Magnus Nöjd52M. Noyd64M
1851.016Anders Peter Andersson53A.P. Anderson34M
Korka Kvarn Nr. 2, Vimmerby Stadsförsamling, Kalmar
1851.017Maja Lena Lofving54Mary Anderson33F
1851.018Johan Oscar Andersson55Oscar Anderson5M
1851.019August Alfred Andersson56Augustus Anderson3M
1851.197A. P. Burch57A. P. Johansson32M
Besked N:o 4, Björke Backgården, Hudene Parish, Älvsborgs län
1851.198Christina Andersdotter58C. (Johansson)31F
1851.199Clara Burch59Clara (Johansson)7M
1851.200Carl Emanuel Burch60Charles (Johansson)3M
1851.201Johan Balerius Burch61John (Johansson)4mM

Immigrants arriving 27 June 1851 aboard the brig AMBROSIUS in Boston from Göteborg 

Notes: Manifest transcription and notes by Nils William Olsson, “The Arrival in Boston June 27, 1851 of the Swedish Brig Ambrosius” Swedish American Historical Quarterly, April 1961 (v 12, no 2), p 47-57.

Database ReferenceManifest
No.Immigrant NameNo.Passenger NameReferences
1851.171P. Gustaf Peterson7Petter Gustaf Petersson32M
Besked N:o 4, Sörby Säteri, Örtomta Parish, Kalmar
1851.172Mrs. Gustaf (Catherine) Peterson8Chris. Cath. (Petersson)25F
1851.173Andrew P. Gelm43Anders Pettersson39M
Besked N:o 1, Norrlida No. 2, Pelarne. Olsson's article (p 54) indicates "Passengers numbering (43) to (51) are unidentified"
1851.174Mrs. Andrew P. (Sara Stina) Gelm44Sara Stina (Pettersson)39F
1851.175John P. Gelm45Petter (Pettersson)11F
1851.176Mrs. John P. (Charlotte) Bondeson46Cath. Charlotta (Pettersson)14F
1851.146Philip O. Johnson47Olof Phil. Johnson18M
Besked N:o 8, Haddås, Ingatorp Parish, Jönköping
1851.177Charles Thor49Carl Petter Carlsson21M
Kårelid, Rumskulla
1851.178Mrs. Charles (Charlotte) Thor50Lotta Carlsson23F
1851.150John Hagle53Johan Danielsson35MBesked No. 10, Sjöarp, Lönneberga Parish, Kalmar
1851.151Maria Catharina Larsdotter54Maria Carin25FBesked No. 10, Bakstugan Stensryd, Lönneberga Parish, Kalmar
1851.152Stina Maria Hagel55Stina Carin11F
Besked No. 10, Sjöarp, Lönneberga Parish, Kalmar
1851.153Johanna Lovisa Hagel56Johanna Carin6F
1851.154Samuel Johan Hagel57Samuel Carin9M
1851.155Anders Hagel58Anders CarininfMBesked No. 10, Bakstugan Stensryd, Lönneberga Parish, Kalmar
nicHans Mattson88Hans Kilgren18MLeader of the Swedish settlement of Vasa, Minnesota; Olsson 1961, p 56.

Immigrants arriving 5 July 1851 aboard the brig HEBE in New York City from Göteborg 

Notes: Passengers were numbered on the manifest. Transport of 147 Passengers, 1 death listed.

Database ReferenceManifest
No.Immigrant NameNo.Passenger NameReferences
1851.020John Sundell5Johannes Anderson34M
Besked N:o 3, Spångerne, Sund Parish, Östergötland; and a group of 32 from Sund. Her brother, Eric Anderson [1850.001], emigrated the year before.
1851.021Mrs. John G. (Anna Stena) Sundell6Anna S Anderson28F
1851.022Charles Sundell7Carl Johan Anderson6M
1851.023John C. Sundell8Johannes G. Anderson3M
1851.024Anders Sundell9Anders A. Anderson7mM
1851.181Andrew F. Jones43Anders F. Johnson45MBesked N:o 7 Vinnerserum, Asby Parish, Östergötland
1851.182Mrs. Theodore (Caroline) Schance44Friter[?] H.C. (Johnson)18FBesked N:o  6, Kättingen, Asby Parish; niece of Andrew F. Jones [1851.181]
1851.025Carl Magnus Malm45Carl Magnus Malm32M
Besked N:o 12, Näset, Sund Parish
1851.026Mrs. Charles (Mary) Malm46Maja Lovisa Swensdr.43F
1851.027Jonas Peterson47Johan P. Johanson42M
Besked N:o 11, Lopperyd, Sund Parish; sister of Maja Lovisa Svensdotter [1851.026]

1851.028Mrs. Jonas (Margaret) Peterson48Greta Johanson45M
1851.029Maja Johnson49Maja Johnson60FBesked N:o 13, Dagsön, Sund Parish
1851.183Anna Maria Anderson64Anna M. Svensson58FBesked N:o 2, Stora Gallarp, Västra Ryd Parish, Östergötland.  Her daughter is on same ship, see Mrs. John (Anna Stena) Sundell.  Her son Eric Anderson [1850.001] emigrated the year before.
1851.193Charles F. Londquist65Carl Lundquist26MSankt Olai forsamling, Besked N:o 128 Klockan Qvadrat, Norrköping, Östergötland län
1851.030Mrs. Frank (Ellen) Ekholm67Lena Karin Jonsdotter25FBesked N:o 14, Sundsö, Sund Parish
1851.179Charles Sundell69Carl G. Anderson26MBesked N:o 5, Oppeby Sorgård, Sund Parish
1851.180Mrs. Charles (Elizabeth A.) Sundell70Ann L. Anderson21FBesked N:o 6, Oppeby Persgård, Sund Parish
1851.031Magnus Hultberg124Magnus Hultberg36M
Gråsfall, Vimmerby Parish, Kalmar län; Christina Hultberg was the sister of Andrew Gron [1850.047] who emigrated in 1850 and Peter Gron [1851.036]
1851.032Mrs. Magnus (Christina) Hultberg125Stina G. Hultberg34F
1851.033Andrew J. Hultberg126Anders J. Hultberg7M
1851.034Charles Hultberg127Carl M. Hulberg4C
1851.035Mrs August (Anna) Lindeblad128Anna L. Hulberg2F
1851.036Peter Gron135Peter Gron38M
Apelkullen, Vimmerby Stadsförsamling, Kalmar län; brother of Andrew Gron [1850.047] who emigrated in 1850 and Christina Hultberg [1851.032]
1851.037Mrs. Peter (Carolina) Gron136Caroline Gron38F
1851.038Louise Gron137Anna L. Gron11F
1851.039Mrs. James S. (Caroline G.) Haven138Caroline Gron8F
1851.040Augustus Gron139John Aug Gron5M
1851.041Mrs. Arthur A. (Ida) Amidon140Ida Gron3F
1851.042Charles P. Jones141Carl P. Johnson38M
Rumhult, Vimmerby Stadsförsamling, Kalmar
1851.043Mrs.Charles P. (Helen M.) Jones142Lena G. Johnson38F
1851.044Carl Johan Carlsson143Carl J. Johnson11M
1851.045Augustus W. Jones144Gustaf Wm Johnson9M
1851.046Lena Christina Carlsdotter145Lena C. Johnson4F
1851.047Peter Jones146Per Aug. Johnson1M

Immigrants arriving 11 July 1851 aboard the barque CAZONE in Boston from Göteborg 

Notes: Passengers were not numbered on the manifest, numbers have been assigned. Transport of 56 Passengers, no deaths reported. Almost two-thirds of the passengers were from Lönneberga or Målilla parish. NARA Publication M277, Roll 38, Folder 439, Ref BA-740 (image 417-419 of 712).

Database ReferenceManifest
No.Immigrant NameNo.Passenger NameReferences
1851.048John P. Sampson3Peter J. Samuelson23MBesked N:o 11, Åkarp No. 2, Lönneberga Parish, Kalmar; likely entry.
1851.049Peter J. Johnson4Peter J. Johnson36M
Besked N:o 4, Rättelsebo No 1, Lönneberga Parish
1851.050Mrs Peter J. (Mary) Johnson5Mary C. Johnson40F
1851.051Christina Lovisa Johnson6Christina L. Johnson12F
1851.052Mathilda Johnson7Matilda Johnson11F
1851.053Anna Charlotta Johnson8Anna C. Johnson9F
1851.054Jane Johnson9Eugene Johnson6M
1851.055John Lawson20Johan Larson41F
Besked N:o 9, Gulleberg, Lönneberga Parish
1851.056Mrs. John (Sara C.) Lawson21Sarah C. Larson48F
1851.057Mrs. Frank (Helen) Jones22Lena L. Larson 16F
1851.058Mrs. John (Caroline) Samuelson23Caroline Larson9F
1851.059Samuel J. Lawson24Samuel Larson 11M
1851.060Samuel Peterson25Samuel Petterson32M
Besked N:o 2, Eldstorp, Pelarne Parish, Kalmar; brother of Sara C. Lawson
1851.061Mrs. Samuel (Caroline) Peterson26Caroline Petterson28F
1851.062Christina Peterson27Christina L. Petterson7F
1851.063Caroline Peterson28Caroline Petterson 3F
1851.064Augustus Peterson29Samuel A. Petterson 1M
1851.065John P. Peterson30John P. Petterson9M
1851.066Lars Magnus Lawson36Lars M. Larson31M
Besked N:o 2, Sjöarp, Lönneberga Parish; Louisa Lawson was the sister of Samuel Samuelson who emigrated in 1849
1851.067Mrs. Lars M. (Louisa) Lawson37Brita L. Larson39F
1851.068Mrs. Henry (Anna) Kaltenbach38Anna C. Larson11F
1851.069Mrs. Charles (Ida) Kaltenbach39Ida C. Larson6F
1851.070August Lawson40Samuel A. Larson 3M
1851.071John Lawson41John P. Larson 57MSjöarp No. 1, Lönneberga Parish; older brother of Lars Magnus Lawson
1851.072Augustus Neil 46Augustus Nelson19MBesked N:o 5, Husar Top Horfvan Hagelsum, Målilla Parish, Kalmar; shoemaker
1851.073John Edmon49John Elmoner28Mblacksmith; likely entry, emigration parish not known

Immigrants arriving 25 July 1851 aboard the brig JULIA in New York City from Göteborg 

Notes: Passengers were numbered on the manifest. Transport of 146 Passengers, no deaths listed. "Swed brig Julia, Bjerck, Gottenburg 48 ds, iron an [sic] passengers to Funch & Meincke." New York Daily Tribune, July 25, 1851, p 8. NARA Series M237, Roll 102, Folder 002 (image 254-257).

Database ReferenceManifest
No.Immigrant NameNo.Passenger NameReferences
1851.074Lars Samuelson90Lars Samuelson, Losbo36F
Besked N:o 15, Loxbo, Södra Vi Parish, Kalmar län; brother of Samuel Samuelson who emigrated in 1849.
1851.075Mrs. Lars (Stina L.) Samuelson91Stina Lina Persdotter35F
1851.076John Peter Samuelson92Johan Petter Samuelson11M
1851.077Samuel A. Samuelson93Samuel August Samuelson9M
1851.078Delos Alfred Samuelson94Lars Alfred Samuelson7M
1851.079Mrs. James P. (Ida Christine) Mickelson95Ida Christina Samuelson5F
1851.080David M. Samuelson96David Melchor Samuelson2M
1851.081Charlotte Mathilda Samuelson97Charlotte Mathilda Samuelson1/2F

Immigrants arriving 8 September 1851 aboard the brig PRECIOSA in New York City from Göteborg 

Notes: Capt. B.B. Olsson. Passengers were numbered on the manifest. Transport of 108 Passengers, 2 deaths - the wife and daughter of Carl Berg. As yet, no direct connection to the Jamestown area has been documented.
Disambiguation: Another Swedish brig PRECIOSA arrived in New York City on 6 August 1851 with 11 passengers and captained by Otto L. Christensson. This smaller vessel's home port was Strömstad rather than Göteborg.

Database ReferenceManifest
No.Immigrant NameNo.Passenger NameReferences
1851.184Mrs. Peter (Mary E.) Johnson10Maja L. Pehrsdotter30F
Besked N:o 18 Eksjöhult ågor, Ulrika Parish, Östergötlands län
1851.082Magnus Peter Johnson11Magnus P Johansson30M
Besked N:o 15, Drögshult ågor, Nykil Parish, Östergötlands län
1851.083Mrs. Magnus (Christine) Johnson12Stina M. Johansson27F
1851.084Charles John Johnson13Karl J. Johansson7M
1851.085Mrs. Saloman A. (Clara Charlotta) Robinson14Klara C. Johansson3F
1851.086Mrs. Hans (Anna Louisa) McKitrick15Anna L. Johansson2F
1851.202Anders Persson36Anders Peterson28MBesked N:o 15, Måsen u. Drögshult, Nykil Parish, Östergötland, brother of Brita Pettersdotter [1849.012]
1851.203Mrs. Inga Lena Palm36Inga H. Anderson

1851.087Delos F. Johnson36Lars F. Johnson24MBesked N:o 15, Drögshult ågor, Nykil Parish, Östergötland, brother of Magnus Peter Johnson
1851.088Elias Sandberg51Elias Sandberg39M
Besked N:o 10, Norrhult No. 1, Vena Parish, Kalmar; Carl born onboard.
1851.089Mrs. Elias (Stina Lotta) Sandberg52Stina L. Sandberg29F
1851.090Carl P. Sandberg53Carl P. Sandberg1mM
1851.185Jonas Peter Swenson54Johan P. Swenson37M
Besked N:o 14, Blåsmålen, Stenberga Parish, Jönköping. Parents died in Henry County, Illinois in 1854.
1851.186Stina Catherina Petersdotter55Stina C. (Swenson)36F
1851.187Carl Johan Swenson56Carl J. (Swenson)16M
1851.188Augustus Blood57August (Swenson)9M
1851.189Sven Gustaf Swenson58Sven G. (Swenson)6M
1851.190Claes Peter59Claes P. (Swenson)2M
1851.191Mrs. John C. (Sophia C.) Fitch60Sophia C. (Swenson)13F
1851.192Maria Swenson61Maria (Swenson)11F
1851.091Carl Berg62Carl Berg53M
Besked N:o 17, Koparp, Hässleby Parish, Jönköping; his wife and daughter die onboard.
1851.092Johan August63Johan G. Berg12M
1851.093Gustaf64Gustaf Wm.5M
1851.094Johanna65Johanna C.14F
1851.095Anna Lena66Anna L11F
1851.096Nels Anderson75Nils Örn38M
Besked N:o 18, Diksbro, Tidersrum Parish, Östergötland
1851.097Mrs. Nels (Christine G.) Anderson76Christina C. Örn37F
1851.098Gustaf Alfried Nilsson77Gustof Örn11M
1851.099Augustus Anderson78Johan A. Örn9M
1851.100Johan Magnus Johansson93Johan M. Johnson26M
Besked N:o 5, Hallersrum, Djursdala Parish, Kalmar
1851.101Stina Maja Carlsdotter94Stina M. Johnson25F
1851.102Carl Johan Johansson95Carl J. Johnson7mM
1851.103Isaac Agrelius96Isak W. Agrelius42M
Besked N:o 2, Bondeprestegården, Järstad Parish, Östergötland
1851.104Mrs. Isaac (Inga C.) Agrelius97Inga L.41F
1851.105John W. Agrelius98Johan Wm12M
1851.106Charles G. Agrelius99Carl G.10M
1851.107Andrew P. Agrelius100Anders P8M
1851.108Otto Markus Agrelius101Otto M5M
1851.109Eva Christina Agrelius102Eva C14F
1851.110Mathilda Agrelius103Mathilda 3F
i1625Sara Catharina Larsdotter107Cathrin Berg40FDead. Wife of Carl Berg
i1631Christina Lovisa Berg108Christina L.3FDead. Daughter of Carl Berg

Immigrants arriving 9 September 1851 aboard the brig THEMIS in New York City departing from Göteborg about 25 June 1851 

Notes: Passengers were numbered on the manifest. "Brig Themis, (Br.,) Sondburg, 76 ds fm. Gottenburg, iron and 115 passengers, to Funch & Meincke." New York Daily Tribune, September 8, 1851, p 8. Immigrants show in pink are conjectures.

Database ReferenceManifest
No.Immigrant NameNo.Passenger NameReferences
1851.111Olof Hellstrom1Olaf Hellstrom45m
Besked N:o 13, Hornsved Husartorpet, Hässleby Parish, Jönköping.
1851.112Mrs. Olof (Catharine) Hellstrom2Catrina Hellstrom53F
1851.113Mrs. Swan (Charlotta) Nelson3Margaretha Hellstrom18F
1851.114Johanna Carolina Hellstrom4Johanna Hellström14F
1851.115Oscar Johnson6Johan O. Johanson22MBesked N:o 12, Berga, Västra Eneby Parish, Östergötland
1851.116Mrs. Oscar (Elizabeth) Johnson7Inga L Johanson21F
Besked N:o 8, Stenstugan u. Dansbo, Västra Eneby Parish, Östergötland
1851.117Christina Margareta Larsdotter8Stina Johanson19F
1851.118Nils Otto Larsson9Nils Johanson14M
1851.119Beata Catharina Larsdotter10Britta Johanson12F
1851.120John Akins12Jons Magnusson41M
Besked N:o 10, Fågelvik, Hässleby Parish, Jönköping. His birth name was Jons Magnus Jonsson which explains the error in the surname.
1851.121Mrs. John (Maria) Akins13Maria Magnusson34F
1851.122Jonas P. Akins14Jonas Magnusson13M
1851.123Mrs. Alfred (Christina) Johnson15Stina C Magnusson11F
1851.124John August Akins16Johan Magnusson7M
1851.125Andrew Akins17Anders Magnusson2M
1851.126Charles Akins18Carl Magnusson1M
1851.127Mrs. Swan (Carlotta) Nelson - possibly second wife19Lotta Johansdotter18FBesked N:o 12, Påtorp, Hässleby Parish, Jönköping
1851.128Mrs. Swan (Johanna) Nelson - possibly first wife20Johanna Johansdotter16FBesked N:o 11, Linneryd, Hässleby Parish, Jönköping
1851.129Johan Carlsson21Johan A. Carlson30MEmigration place unknown
1851.194John Wright22Johan Ryk47M
Karlstorp Södergård, Karlstorp Parish, Jönköping. Mary was sister of John Akins [1851.120]
1851.195Mrs. John (Mary C.) Wright23Mosa (Ryk)44F
1851.196Mrs. John P. (Christina) Lawson24Stina (Ryk)6F
1851.210John Peter Rose25Johan P. Ross18MBesked N:o 13, Borgarp, Ingatorp Parish, Jönköping
1851.130John Lanson28Johan Lans35M
Besked N:o 12, Bygdås, Ingatorp Parish, Jönköping
1851.131Mrs. John (Anna Greta) Lanson29Anna G. Lans33F
1851.132Mathilda Sofia Lanson30Mathilda Lans5F
1851.133Mrs. A. John (Clara) Peterson31Clara4F
1851.134John Peterson Brant32J. Brandt42MBesked N:o 16, Sockenstugan, Ingatorp Parish, Jönköping
1851.135Mrs. John (Anna) Brant33Anna C. Brandt37FEmigration place unknown
1851.136John Brant 34Johan Brandt17MBesked N:o 16
1851.137Anna Catharine Brant35Anna Brandt12FEmigration place unknown
1851.138Carolina Brant36Carolina Brandt11FBesked N:o 16
1851.139Stina Greta Brant37Stina Brandt7FBesked N:o 16
1851.140Anders J. Brant38Anders J. Brandt6MEmigration place unknown
1851.141Frederick A. Brant 39Fredrik Brandt6MBesked N:o 16
1851.142Samuel O. Brant40Otto Brandt3MBesked N:o 16
1851.143Peter J. Brant41John P Brandt9mMEmigration place unknown
1851.144Peter Lindholm47P. Pehrson55M
Besked N:o 3, Röshult,. Tjärstad Parish
1851.145Mrs. Peter (Sarah) Lindholm48Sarah Pehrson55F
1851.147Peter August Nelson113Pehr Aug. Nelson6M
Besked N:o 3, Röshult,. Tjärstad Parish, Östergötland
1851.148Carolina Pehrsdotter114Carolina Pehrsdotter17F
1851.149Johanna115Johanna Pehrson16F

Immigrants arriving 30 September 1851 aboard the schooner GOTHA in New York City from Göteborg 

Notes: Passengers were not numbered on the manifest, numbers have been assigned. Transport of 42 passengers, no deaths listed.

Database ReferenceManifest
No.Immigrant NameNo.Passenger NameReferences
1851.204Jonas Peterson24Jonas Pehrsson52F
1850 Besked N:o 7, Linnebaget, Hässleby Parish.
1851.205Mrs. Jonas (Christiana) Peterson25Cha. Johannesdotter45F
1851.206Anna Lisa Peterson26A. L. (Jonasdotter)12M
1851.207Johanna Mathilda Jonasdotter27Joha. M. (Jonasdotter)10M
1851.208Jonas Adolph Jonasson28J. A. (Jonasson)7M
1851.209Otta Carolina Jonasdotter29Otta C. (Jonasdotter)2F


  1. I have gone ahead and assigned Andrew P. Gelm and his family to the AMBROSIUS. The surname listed doesn't fit, but the ages and names are on point and I find no other possibilities on other manifest.

    Likewise, I have assigned Charles and Charlotte Tour to the AMBROSIUS.

  2. Appreciating the time and energy you put into your website and in depth information you provide. It's great to come across a blog every once in a while that isn't the same out of date rehashed information. Fantastic read! I've saved your site and I'm adding your RSS feeds to my Google account. itunes login account

  3. This is fantastic, thank you!!! I am looking for anyone connected to a William (Bill) Larson from Jamestown, NY. He passed in 1963 or 64 and is my Grandfather. He had 10 siblings!! Ultimately settled in Michigan and Arizona. Thank you so much!! :-) KPRichardson@yahoo.com